Dogs in the Mess

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Colonel_Crusty, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. I hear on the grapevine that these damned contractor people who are winning something called PFI contracts are going to ban dogs from the Mess and in some cases have done so already. What on earth is a chap to do if he suddenly needs to go shooting! Where is he to keep his hound? Does anyone have any experince of these types?
  2. They tried that where I am at the moment and were told that only when all smoking by civilians was banned would they even consider it. (The leading civvie being a 20 a day man).

    No more was heard.
  3. Smoking and dogs - they should both be banned. They both stink.
  4. A ban on dogs in the mess!!!!!!!

    God forbid, wheres all the subs going to take their girlfriends now?
  5. As should smoking dogs!
  6. Especially Beagles
  7. Life would not be the same without Henry the red setter in the mess. I hope dogs aren't banned......
  8. How the bloody hell did you get in the mess. I thought that you have to have standards, to be in there?

    Oh, you're in the AGC... :D
  9. .... and she's in the wrong mess ............again.

  10. You'd have no where to drink if they were.

    (ah, come were all dying to say it!)
  11. Aaaah, that's where you are wrong!!!!!

    Thought you knew everything Oracle?
  12. HAve you got a job for SODHEXO?
  13. Jolly interesting replies but some quite irrelevant and merely jovial. This is a damn serious subject you know. It cuts right into the very heart of life in the Mess. Damned contractors should be horse whipped - but no doubt some will have a thing or two to say about that, what!
  14. Was that a bite?
  15. Of course it's serious. No dogs, no smoking, but whipping? Now that's completely different.