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dogs in the forces

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bad_pixel, May 16, 2011.

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  1. I don't know if this is allowed ? civilian here. I am wanting to gather any info, anecdotes concerning the use of dogs in the forces for the purpose of attempting to make a fictional story with authenticity. I'm not a writer but I want to "give it a go" so any help appreciated. My only credential is that I had a dog from puppy and we shared many days but the experiences with the combat dogs most be tremendously closer, or not ?. Maybe it's secret shit to divulge ? if so any tips for channels to approach ?
    list mother delete if inappropriate
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  3. yes that first post what was what stirred me up. I've also tried emailing I think it's fort Campbell. If could just tell a little about my dog. I used to live right on the beach on the isle of wight and would go out fishing, a couple of times the dog would spot us coming back and leap in the sea and swim out 2-3 hundred yards. I'd give him the rope off the front of the dinghy and he would , tail up pull us in to shore. That was a dog.
  4. There you go, normal service has been resumed :)
  5. thanks for that smudge
  6. All part of the service :)
  7. Stumpy is on here somewhere...

    what the fcuk is a 'list mother'.

  8. aye.just ask for the royal logistics corp.canny eh!
  9. Are they anything to do with the Royal Logistic Corps?
  10. Combat dog on leave....

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