Today I was part of a team delivering some training to TA personnel. I took the dog with me. I later found out that the dog had swamped in the main corridor of RHQ, laughed my bolloxx of and left. So wrong but soo funny. The dog is now banned from RHQ heh heh heh



What TA unit was it?
If you could of taught the dog to curl one out, that would have been impressive.


A Herc pilot of my aquaintance brought his large Black Lab into the squadron building one weekend . It curled a beauty out in the XO's office , which was across the hall from my office . I sent the dog back to is owner down the other end of the corridor and gently closed the XO's door , wandered out to the Aeroplane and headed to NZ for a week . A sunny Sydney weekend did the rest and by Monday morning the entire building , let alone the XO's office was uninhabitable and needed the services of a HAZMAT crew . For weeks afterwards you would catch the briefest of whiffs of EAU DE HUND everytime the aircon kicked in.
I don't know what it is with my dogs and the Big House in JHQ. My first Lab, Colin, decided dropping a large one on the front of the DSSS exchange. He then decided to escape on nights and practically the whole Commcen staff and Syscon spent an hour chasing him down.

My second Lab, Fat Bob, was distracted by a cleaner, ran off and curled out a storter in an RO's office up stairs. I had to use the bosses CK one, but it still smelled like the inside of a sh1t smugglers duffel bag in there.

How I larfed.

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