Dogs in MoD Buildings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Old_Hack, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. This Old Hack has seen lots of things in40 years with the MoD so here is one:

    What is the MOD's Policy on a person bringing their privately owned dogs in to work?. Some personnel do but stop others
    When did you last see a pooper scooper on a a Training Camp or in a MoD Building?.
    Or can we we all bring our pets in? - mines a Gerbil!!!!.
    Health and Safety issues - HSE has a Risk assessment for visits to buildings with Dogs (but not Gerbils!!!)
    Personally I think its one law for one and not the other and lets be fair, If a dog is required it should be in your job description!!!!. so please leave it at home if its not in your job requirement!!!! and dog owners can clean their own poo up.
  2. Thanks for that.

    Many good points.

    I have always wanted to bring my pet cat and mouse into the office (just for a laugh), but I am currently barred due to H&S regulations!
  3. dockers

    dockers Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Old Hack

    I've seen scooping enforced at one unit. They even provided dog waste bins so that there was no excuse.
  4. I knew of one place that required owners to request a 'Licence' to bring a dog into the premises. If the dog messed the floor, or a pooper-scooper wasn't employed outside then the Licence was revoked for one week. Second offence was one month. Third strike then the dog is out permanently. It worked well.
  5. A similar system currently operates at my place of work. We are allowed our dog but should your animal be caught messing then your pass is revoked. The situation regarding dogs in the workplace is often repeated on orders for staff on new postings.

    I must admit i have not suffered anyones animals and most seem very pleasant, i only recall one dog that could not be approached in my time here.
  6. But ultimately your work would become a minefield of dog turd?

    Takes me back a few years when a subbie brought her dog/horse into the Ops room. Dog/horse produces a brown baby, leaving it festering for all to appreciate. "Cpl W, please clean that will you?"

    I don't effing think so ma'am. RSM stood behind us all, watching silently.

    "I don't effing think so either Miss *****!"

    Dirty animals. And the dogs.
  7. I think that is a rather extreme example, dogs do sometimes foul. But i would say young and untrained dogs would be at more risk.
    In my department 3 dogs reside upstairs and the area that they go to do... is mainly unwalked and always cleaned up by anyone that walks them..
  8. When I was in we were always bringing dogs back to the block on a friday night/saturday morning. I think there are a few threads in the NAAFI bar along the lines of "She was so gopping you just couldn't".
  9. The NAAFI was rather like a rescue home really... you went in had a look around (be it rather tipsy) then picked the dog you wanted and took it home..
    Now thats charity giving if you ask me!
  10. There is a strict rule here about dogs being on a lead. Unfortunately someone ignored this once and their dog was savaged by the rather aggressive German Shepherd MPGS dogs
  11. Last couple of Units I have been to require you to "register" your dog/s on a register, where you have to bring proof of insurance and vaccinations prior to being given authority for you to bring said dog at work. This was then put onto the wall of your office for all and sunder to see. This was renewed on a daily basis.

    On top of that, any reports of your dog being a nuisance or in fact the owner being a nuisance (ie not cleaning up after the dog) were met with a suspension and then ban depending on seriousness of said offence.

    As a dog owner it "grips my shit" when I see other dop owners on a camp or any other public area who dont clean up after their dog. I normally make a point of reminding owner to clear it up and then reporting them if they don't.

    Most issues people have aren't with the so called "dirty dogs" I mean how the hell do we expect them to clean up after themselves? eat it?!!!! Its with the lazy ass owners who can't be bothered even giving their dog basic toilet and behaviour training, and then can't be arsed cleaning up when their own dog fouls somewhere.
  12. Getting dogs into camp is easy. Making them leave the next morning is the hard bit...
  13. just use your mates room (the one thats away on cse or Ops) and walk out while she is still asleep....

    problem solved
  14. Brilliant, also make sure to take all of her clothing leaving her only whats in your mates wardrobe to choose from :D
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I've never understood this Army obsession for bringing dogs to work, why for gods sake? Leave the fcuking thing at home or don't have a bloody dog as a pet. Weirdos.