Dogs in Blandford

Should Dogs in Blandford be allowed?

  • Yes - its every tw@s fashion accessory

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  • No - Feckin dogs get on my feckin t1ts

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Should it be permitted for everybody with an office to bring their bloody pets to work?
I refer you to my comments in the Phase 3 thread and have voted accordingly, although it is only dogs in the work environment that grips me!


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Surely that's discrimination against people who are scared of dogs?

And thank you. I thought this was going to be a thread about Blandford Ladies.
Yeah, I've no problem with dogs in the workplace.

I've a big problem with the owners though.

The ammount of so called "responsible dog owners" that don't get their mutt vaccinated, wormed, flee'd and properly insured is rediculous.

The so called well behaved dogs that get brought in round here have chewed through more cables than you cn shake a shitty stick at.


Grownup_Rafbrat said:
... And thank you. I thought this was going to be a thread about Blandford Ladies.

Exactly the same train of thought that ran through my mind, though lets be fair, the poll probably applies to the 'ladies' too .... ;)
Yep, thought that this was going to be a C&A thread....

Anyhoo...... I used to take my dog, Fat Bob, into work in the Big House in JHQ, and he just flopped down under a desk and crashed. There are some hyper, ugly mongrels that used to get taken in, and they used to sh1t everywhere.

Jury out.
Why not? As long as they are well behaved.

Obvously if they are jumping up and sh1ting on the floor there may need to be a rethink....

As for people being scared of the dogs... man up, and face your fear. And meet the best friends you will ever meet. At least they wont stab you in the back when they have a bad day!!!! :D
The one time OC of the 17/21st Lancers Air Sqn used to take his whippets flying with him in a Sioux


Some time ago the OC of the Sqn i was in had a big soft as shite Rotweiler. We use to lure it outside SHQ with bits of NAFFI pie - grab the dog between two of us and then launch it into a stinking cess pool of a ditch that ran in the woods down the side of SHQ. The dopey mutt would then run back into the OCs office shaking shite alles uber der platz
My troop gaffer had a little sh1te of a dog in NI, we'd tease it mercillessly for about half an hour with a laser pointer, until it was going absolutley banshee then feed him said gaffers beret! Fecking brilliant, dog went through about 4 berets in a month. Rule 1 never bring your dog to work, Rule 2 don't leave your beret lying about in the crew room, even locking it in his desk didn't work, Rule 3 never leave dog unattended with Big Steve, cos he mustard fingered the dog!!! (As well as wannking in the milk)


Our Senior Term brats used to wind up the Gren Gds CSM for Penney Sqn's black lab that was locked in his office while we were stood on punishment parade outside. When he came back, the mutt had not just wrecked his trophy cabinet but had deposited its breakfast on his desk and shat up the walls. Never did like the dug anyways - but it did take most of the wind out of the CSM's pokey drill repertoire after he had blown out most of his energy booting said mutt up the road!


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