Dogs got a tic! Help!!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by commzmeanzbombz, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi there shooting folk, Jst found a bloody great tic on my dogs head. Ive covered it in Vaseline, will it die/drop off,what the hell do I do?

    First time in 9 years that hes got one, will the house be full of them?

  2. Freeze it with aftershave
  3. Its a bit close to his eyes mate, will the vasaline kill it? Ive put shed loads on!
  4. should do but takes a bit of time
  5. Get one of these bad boys (for future if not tmoro),
    They are very good, i keep one in my belt kit for my time in the ulu too. If you can put up with the smell of Turkish Delight dab some Rose Geranium oil on the hounds collar too as an anti bite lotion. Stops them getting bitten in the first place.
  6. Do not follow any of the weird suggestions - your dog means more than that and when did you last like aftershave on an open wound. There are special tweezers you can get to pull it out, but in essence you get hold of the back end of it with some tweezers and twist gently as you pull it out. Bathe with warm water and watch for a couple of days so that it doesn't infect. If in any doubt take the wee fella/girl to the Vet.

    Long haired dogs seem to attract them more than short haired but unless you plan avoiding all trees and bushes there is little else you can do.

  7. You can fashion one to get this one out. Try an make one out of a plakky bottle top with a wedge shape cut out.
    The wedge cut out clips under the ticks body near the mouth (so the tick is now in the bottle top) and twist it out.
  8. Error! Never use vaseline or other substances to irritate or suffocate the tick. That has the effect of causing the tick to virtually throw up into the wound, thereby risking an infection. There are special tweezers available from pet shops to remove the tick. If the tick is full up it will drop off of its own accord. After that it is harmless until it gets hungry again. Your dog may have more than one tick, a thorough inspection is the only way of finding out.

    To avoid the problem in the future use something like Frontline to smear on the dogs coat from neck to tail. Worked wonders on my mut, he used to collect ticks almost by the dozen.
  9. PM Ugly.
    He sells Tic Twisters.

    Good price and fast turn round- if he has stock left.
  10. When you say, "my dog has a tic" I am assuming it doesnt say "fook off" ala Tourettes?

    Is it a sheep type tic?

    If so, get yourself a set of tweezers, and grip the little feck, but be sure to remove to whole thing.
    If you only remove the body, the head has a tendency to keep on biting inwards, and as such will not remove the annoyance.
    Get the little bugger before it carries on its inward journey.

    Failing that

    Shoot the dog
  11. You can get a collar for your dog to stop them getting infected.

    The ticks still attach to the dog but fall off after 10 mins or so. I had one for my mutt.
  12. This probably sounds strange but it definitely works...get a lighted cigarette and touch the tic with it and it will drop off. Won't really hurt your dog. Our dog barely noticed....if you dont schmoke just use a match or fag lighter...and burn the little basttard that way.
    Let us know how you get on.

  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Normal half informed drivel....

    Tweezers, tick twisters or whatever are best - plastic with a set pinch strength that does not damage the tick].
    Grip the tick at the neck otherwise body and head will separate.
    TWIST DO NOT PULL, you risk leaving bits of tick behind.
    When removed, check the ticks legs/arms are all there and fully intact.
    Check the area quickly a day or two after for redness - a hard lump/scar is fine but if redness persists it could be infected (or where I live lyme disease).
    I removed 2 off me today - from the range....

    Having read more....edited to add.

    Collars do not work - drops do administered just above the tail, but do not worry unless you get them regularly.
    Sometimes they can fall off the fur before getting attached into your house, not so likely.

    Only at full maturity do you have to worry about additional ticks - normally you will spot them either swollen on you dog or in his basket/floor - flush down the bog.
  14. Fellas, thanks for your swift reply, I have shot the dog as Gren suggested so problem solved!

    Not really, I wiped off the copious amounts of Vaseline and twisted 'im off with some tweezers, horrible little bugger.

    In the 9 years weve had him hes never had one, we moved down south a couple of months ago, is this something we should come to expect? Hes a Staffy so I was under the impression that Tics would leave him alone (because he has short hair, not because hes a staffy!)

    Cheers Again Fellas

  15. Thought you were supposed to twist in anti-clockwise direction?