Dogs at Arborfield.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Kingxex, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. I want a dog. I'm sick of seeing officers roaming around camp with their retarded poodles and spastic terriers.

  2. Oh, excuse me, I trained at Arborfield, I thought you were referring to something else...
  3. There used be a few dogs 'rehomed' at the slag's ball (SEE).

  4. Your first post on arrse is this :/

    If your on the pads estate bring a dog onto camp, cant see the problem?
  5. Well, I've used other forums I know how it goes. Plus I always make a bad impression so I figure I'd make it pathetic out of irony.

    I'm not married. I want one in my room.
  6. Get to Wokingham, Weds night. Should be able to pick one up no problem. It will not be able to stay as it will probably need to get to work the next morning.
  7. Plenty of that breed on camp!
  8. If you live in the block then obviously you cannot keep a dog on camp. For one it wouldnt be fair to keep a dog in a room. Plus the room will stink.
  9. Quite right about the stinky room, totally unfair to ask man's best friend to live in your smelly room.
  10. What stink? I was thinking about actually bathing the dog once in a while.

    And besides, I sit in my room sweating scratching my balls so why can't I have a dog that sits doing the same thing? My B.O is possibly worse than a dogs and hygiene in general equivelent so I don't really see the problem...

    And anyway, it's my room. So let me infest it with a damn dog.

  11. Get in the shower, and get acquainted with a bar of soap you grotty fcuk. And then get down the bar drinking.

    Honestly, what the fcuk has happened to SEE?

    I can only presume the standards have slipped since it became SEAE, and they let those fairies associate with real Tech's.
  12. Well if you throw it a biscuit it may well do that for you.... 8)
  13. Some moron clearly has no sense of sarcasm experience at all. Not exactly Mr current affairs are you? It's not even called SEAE anymore, so wipe the egotism off your impecably clean testicles if you can manage to find them.
  14. Erm... I think you'll find it is called the SEAE today...