Dogs as shark bait??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 007m88, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. I have no problem with this if they use those yappy little shites chihuahuas - although would probably need to string a dozen or so together to interest the shark in a decent scoff.
  2. Oh i don't know as the article states they do use stray's which can work to the advantage of making the place look clean tidy and cared for which trhen brings in the tourist dollar. IE: Prince William
  3. These people make me want to puke! :x

    How can any human being treat an animal in this way.

    I would quite happily exterminate these fcuking horrible excuses for human beings! :x

    Bastards! :x
  4. Is this a wah?

    If you read the whole thing it suggests that this is hoax.
  5. Its old hat that was in the papers about four or five years ago
  6. Yes those fluking yappy fishermen should be done in the same way.
    Didn’t know they were called chihuahuas though?

    Bastads if ever I got a hold of them I would do more than put hooks through their snouts....Cnuts!!!!!
  7. cut out the middleman - just eat the dogs
  8. Whilst hoisting the sails of the Outrage clipper take a look at the rest of the article. They were using dead roadkill.
  9. Your right, the photo was probably all a hoax, just gets me high rate when there is animal cruelty involved.
  10. & that dog with the hooks through it's nose, is a hoax! :x

    Wah off, you fcuking throbber! :x
  11. Its old and has been mahoosively over egged, enraging the facebook generation, there are groups on FB asking for donations etc

    Bollocks innit
  12. The island is owned by the French as well, now that is something we can be outraged at.
  13. Photo shop and who, pray, are you calling a throbber you cheeky tyke.