Dogs. Are they socially unacceptable?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Yes, stop being so dracoinian with our dogs

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  2. No, dogs should be kept in a garden or a cage

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  1. Inspired by a thought whilst viewing this thread, it struck me that, as a dog loving family which has just arrived back in UK after over 6 years in BFG, dogs are almost totally outcasts in English life. Let me explain...

    In Germany dogs can go almost everywhere. Shops, restaurants, walking in fields, wherever. In UK everywhere you go there are signs stating 'No Dogs Except Guide Dogs'. Why is this? OK, dogs leave their mess on the ground, both solid and liquid. OK, some owners don't clear it up (Although I have never seen a blind person clear up after a Guide Dog... :wink: ). But is it fair to make dogs (and by extension their owners) 'Persona No Gratia'? in most of England? And they say England is a nation of dog lovers!

    Your thoughts and experiences please...

    (Oh, and I'm talking of four legged canines, not two legged munters - OK!)
  2. I find that people are more ready to make contact with a dog walker than a man walking alone, funny but the same thing happens when fishing, every body talks to you, but if you are alone people avoid you
  3. I know that I would prefer the compnay of dogs to some of the chav scumbags wandering around UK plc. They are cleaner and more intelligent.

    Cue outraged socialists - Stage Left.
  4. As an owner of two dogs, I don't agree that they should be allowed everywhere.
    However, they should be allowed in certain pubs, especially those near areas frequented by dog walkers. Pisses me off walking the dogs on a rainy day, then having to put them in the car when I want to have a quick pint before heading home.
  5. I have made many new friends since having our dog. We are recognised when going out on the daily walks and when I am seen walking without him (extremely rare occasions) I am asked 'where is he?'
    They certainly break down barriers and get people talking which leads me to think that these 'No dogs allowed' rules were instigated by the miserable part of the population called cat lovers!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Germany has it right yes, but it wouldn't work in the UK. In Germany, dog owners are very responsible and almost all dogs I came across were well handled / trained.

    In the Chav UK society we seem to have built ourselves, allowing dogs to go everywhere like they do in Germany, IMO, would almost certainly end VERY badly.

    The issue in the UK is one of dog owners, not the dogs themselves unfortunately.
  7. The biggest problem that I have with dogs is that their owners assume that everyione else likes dogs and so they allow them to slobber all over you and jump up to lick you.

    Now cats are something much more sophisticated. After all we all like our pussy. (Well, most of us).
  8. We love cats

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  9. I dont like dogs at all, no matter how clean they are they stink, they shed hairs, slobber, eat food that smells like canned vomit and oxo cubes.

    People go on about how they're mans best friend etc etc, I just cant figure how someone can confuse reliance with love. The dog only likes you because you feed it, not because its "part of the family".

    If they let dogs into restraunts Id stop eating out. Imagine having a nice big juicy steak after a hard days work, just for some disgusting dog to jump up onto the table and slobber all over it before devouring it in one swift chomp. Or taking a dump in the corner just as you're about to take your first mouthful.

    A lot of parks these days have dedicated dog areas (which stink for about 300m in each direction from it), probably so the kids having fun dont step in the dogs... business or get their arm chewed off by one of the savage beasts.

    So I guess, in conclusion.... No dogs are disgusting, vile, smelly, un-even tempered animals which are subordinate to humans and therefore should not be afforded the same privelages. They should not be allowed into shopping malls, cafes, cinemas, workplaces, public transport, kids playparks etc. And people who treat dogs as though they are humans shouldnt be allowed in public places either.... there's obviously something wrong with them.

    Oh did I mention.. I dont like dogs!

    ps. keep your dog away from me... filthy smelly horrbile hairy beasts.

    edited to add: before the maelstrom from "responsible dog owners". Im well aware that most people here who have dogs probably have well trained pooches and clean up their doggy business afterwards.. still all dogs have a stink about them, its disgusting, they (mostly) all shed their hairs and slobber...

    edited again to add: cats are worse, evil bastard things.
  10. Well said, that man. :)

    The more I see of humans, the better I like Dogs. :wink:
  11. Germany does not have it right. Why should I sit in a restaurant and have a dog staring at my schnitzel and drooling all over the place? Why should I have to put up with tripping over the lead of a long haired rat whilst browsing round Kaufhof? Why should animals which reglarly lick their nether regions be allowed to try and lick all and sundry whilst they are trying to eat or shop?
  12. My bold.

    I understand what you're saying, but responsible dog owners do not let their dogs jump up. Just like you teach a child to say please & thank you at a certain age, dogs should be trained not to jump up.

    As was said above previously though, it's not the dogs that are the problem it's the chav owners of some of them. If dogs were allowed in my local, it would be a nightmare. The clientele is not the best, so I can only imagine what their dogs would be like. No wonder I go to a pub 2 miles away, rather than the one that is about 500yds from my house.
  13. Incidentally I dont think people should be allowed to take children into shops and restaurants either. Annoying little creatures.
  14. Sorry, I thought you were talking about the French then.
  15. Quite right. They should be left tied up outside next to the dogs.