"Dogs Are MERELY Unfeeling Animals"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Although I think the tenor of the title of this thread is less prevalent in the UK compared to it's too often reflected by so many of my fellow Americans, this is a poignant (and for me gut-wrenching) reminder of how shallow such statements:
  2. Don't do this JJ. I have memories of my dogs that are too pain full to bear. Google up a poem called "And give your heart to a dog to tear".
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  3. That picture makes me proud to share my home with two black labradors.
  4. Just keep them away from the Chinese or they'll turn them into a large 72 with a side order of 26
  5. Come on to be fair if I took my dog to a funeral he'd probably lay on the floor.
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  6. When Lord Byron's dog died, he ordered a tombstone with this inscription:

    "Here lies one who possessed
    Strength without Arrogance
    Beauty without Vanity
    Courage without Cruelty
    All the Virtues of Man
    And none of his Vices."

    Pretty much sums up how I feel about dogs.:salut:
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  7. Maintaining your high standards I see---very bad drills IMHO.

  8. That's why I prefer cats, arrogant, vain and cruel with all the best vices - stay out all night and shag anything.;P
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  9. Dogs are from Mars, cats are from Venus.^_~
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  10. Think the title of this thread may be erroneous from my experience, my "boys" are certainly not unfeeling. They instinctively know my mood and how to behave in any given situation.

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  11. You too, eh? :thumright:
  12. Not really and no disrespect to the chap who died, someone took his dog to his funeral, it's going to go isn't it? There is no reason to expect the dog was showing any understanding of what was happening, or did I see a different clip?
    It's very sad but it doesn't look to me like the dog knew what was happening.
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  13. Those ghillie suits really are very good these days. But shouldn't they be in some sort of cover? Sniper course: FAIL
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  14. And so I did. Dusty in here today isn't it?
  15. Dogs lay mars bars on your lawn while the cat shags venus.^_~