Dogs and Wives on camp

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hairy_T_Towel_Holder, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. As a senior I think with one of the many things that grips my shit is serving people on camp with there dogs in tow. Why?

    Can I bring my kids with me to work, my parakeat on my sholder and a ferret down my trousers. No i jolly well cant.

    Wives. What the f uk have wives got to do on camp during working hours. Went in my rest room the other day and at half nine there was a young sprog sat there with his wife having a cuppa. If i worked in a factory could the misses just pull up and say down tools time for a cuppa.

    er no.

    If i told the doris to piss off I would be deep in the shit. When I am the man, kids animals and wives will be banned from the working enviornment.

    does anyone suffer the same shit.
  2. You should have politely asked the little scrote outside for a quiet chat(so as not to put yourself in the sh!t) and informed him that NAAFI break starts at 1030hrs and if he's seen sitting with a brew and his missus again then he can kiss his NAAFI breaks for the next 2 months. AGAI doesn't have to involve extra duties, NAAFI breaks are a privilage.
  3. HTTH

    Why would you be in the $hit if you told her to pi$$ off?

    She shouldn't be there, he should be working. If anyone makes a comment just quote some H&S regulation, that normally has people running scared.
  4. You must be one of the dullest people in the world in the dullest job if you worry about this sort of stuff, Hairey_T.
  5. I completley agree H_T_H,

    T'was only the other i was walking through camp when i saw a dogf taking a shite on the side of the road, and my god the NAAFI was only 30 seconds away, lazy cow.......

    I agree keep wives from camp, let them out to pick up the kids and go shopping, either that or pick up a socket wrench and go get cuvvies on and go to work with the sprog soldier in question..
  6. sadley the naafi and ,postoffice schools creache, ladies hairdresser...

    ssos families centers ect are all in the camp.. in fact most days there are more families than soldiers walking around...
  7. Put families centres out of camp. The Naafi? Navy Army & Airforce institute Not a whole sale gossips corner for fat lay about unemployed wives. They waste productivity of my young padawan learners. Plus flash heart i do a job and not polish mess tins like you do.

  8. unfort by us,, everything is in camp ,garrison area,,,,ideas,,,,apart from cullin, its not allowed...

  9. Manage them then you useless pleb.

    A camp is a military community. With that, you have to expect 'normal life' to occur. If you don't like or agree with that, poke off to the Albanian army.

    How old are you? 12?
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Thanks for the advice sir. How is the old LSN job going with 56 Bengalli Mess Tin Repair Unit. You Old TURD

  11. You call yourself a SNCO?

    What in?

    The fcuking cadets?
  12. Thank fcuk I am out if people like this are SNCO's
  13. theres a big difference between mincing around the naafi, and getting your hair done, and getting in the way of a bloke at work, i bet she doesnot even pay into the brew fund, tight bitch
  14. Now throwing insults isnt grown up at all. I am a senior. Lets not go down this track. Its obvious that your from the old guard so I wont quarrel with you. I will respect that your Army Jumper Pads have done more time in Bessbrook Mill naafi ques than ive been in the army. Its just that my management style is not like yours. I dont do the autocaratic thing. Got to keep the kids in. Piss off that 20 something Pte he will sign off. Sign of the times m8. But you wont have to worry about that because I guess the way you are talking your coming to the end of your 22. Nevermind when i put the 20p in the British Legions charity box I hope that somehow those mustard coloured chordroy trousers somehow make it your way so you can put them on and go down the Legion and talk about those hard dangerous days in Kosovo.
  15. HTTH

    Whats the issue with dogs in work then? I'm interested in your lay-man views on this as i bring my dog to work. It's actually been used to get some of the 'Sick Lame and Lazy' out doing some phys by taking it for a walk!