Dogmatic Personality- Fail at Aosb

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Micky_Blue, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Good Morning Arrse,

    Perhaps I can have a bit of positive criticism from you insightful bunch. To paint a picture, I am not a University Graduate, I have never been interested in pursuing a degree as my ambition from an early age has been to pursue a career in the Army as an officer, I achieved the desired grades at Alevel, spent 3 years in the T.A. and travelled the world to fulfil the “cultured and well travelled” characteristic of a well rounded candidate for Sandhurst. I attained a Cat 1 a my briefing and, brimming with confidence I attended my Main board, I worked well with my syndicate, my phys was above the average, my plan ex was (quoted from the debrief) a somewhat risky but overall sound plan, overall I believe I delivered a solid all round performance at Westbury, I wasn’t the best, but I most certainly wasn’t the worst.

    The day came and I received my letter informing my I was not successful, this was due to the board considering myself to have a “dogmatic personality” and that my essay was “below average”. When my Aca advised me of this, I smiled politely and pretended I knew exactly what she meant, after googling the word ive found the definition is: Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles.

    Genuinely confused by this, I have always worked well in a team, and felt that at my syndicate I took everyone’s opinions into consideration, I put my opinion across, but I was very aware that I should not appear to be “bossing” the other members of the syndicate, so the fact they board Identified this trait is worrying.

    So for the question, what on earth do I do about it?, I am attempting to the main board for my second and final attempt, and im just wondering? As this is a personality flaw, and not something I can “improve on” i.e. Phys/mental ability, how on earth do I show the board that I am quite the opposite of dogmatic?

  2. Don't express opinions you can't back up.

    Even if you 'know' you're right, concede that the other person has raised a worthwhile point, one that you had not previously considered, rather than taking them off at the ankles and leaving them looking like a twat.
  3. You didn't let on you were a 'Daily Sport' reader, did you?
    Lethal, that!
  4. Have a good read of Stacker's posts on here then when you get to the board - do the opposite.
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  5. Think Sharpe, couldn't possibly have a commissioned non-graduate don't you know, mwah mwah mwah. Draconian dinosaurs running the old boys network
  6. The last thing you want is to come across as indecisive. There is a fine line you need to tread between confidence and sheer forthright bloody-mindedness.
    How's your body language?

  7. at this point in time? slumped in utter defeat!
    in all fairness, i never considered my body language, what would you suggest i try to do?
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Lean forward aggressively over the desk when giving your arguments, thumping the table with your fist to reinforce your points. When anyone gives any form of counter argument, make sure you lean away, cross your arms and make a gentle shaking motion with your head to give a strong signal that you are interested in what they have to say, are open to new ideas and are keen to find areas of agreement.

    Failing that, stick your fingers in your ears and go "nar, nar, nar I can't hear you!".
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  9. Dogmatic !..... I would have failed because Im catatonic.
  10. Advice: Get a new face. Your old one clear doesn't fit.
  11. By the sounds of it you are well qualified, possibly overly so!
  12. "Dogmatic" sounds like a pretty subjective sort of criterion to me. Dunno how much the membership of the Board changes between sessions, but it may not be over-optimistic to hope that if there are different bods on it next time, they'll appreciate you for the invaluable asset to HM Forces that you are undoubtedly destined to become ;-) One man's dogmatic is another man's "courage of his convictions."

    Saying a few complimentary things about other syndicate members' contributions would also help, as long as your comments don't come across as patronizing.

    Could be more productive to work on your essay-writing -- that's a concrete point. Generally, you've got a good basis there if you stick to the structure of Introduction - Body - Conclusions, you write in active sentences (as opposed to passive), you avoid spelling mistakes and your grammar isn't too crap.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Or bite the bullet, call the ACA and admit you don't know what it means (or that 'on reflection you are a bit puzzled as to why the board arrived at this description') and ask for their advice on what to do about it.

  14. Morning TC,

    Dogma is having a view or opinion which:

    a.) Cannot be supported by fact or logic
    b.) Is held without consideration of alternatives.

    For example: Being dogmatic about whether Oxford of Cambridge is the best university simply because you attended one or the other, ignoring the overall grades and differences between the various subjects. Dogmatic people don't listen to reason or logic, which makes them very difficult to reason or debate with.

    The opposite of dogma is reason: the ability to hold a viewpoint without clinging to it, accepting that others may have something to contribute and that your view may not be totally accurate.

    Not saying you're like this or trying to be patronising, but if the feedback you received was to be less dogmatic then try the following: Pick one issue you feel really strongly about [Religion, abortion, war, football etc], then go debate with someone about the merits of that view and try to accept that they might have a point.
  15. 'Dogmatic personality'...The British Army's way of saying "Have you considered the RAF?"