Dogging in the layby just beyond Deepcut.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The-Goose, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Out running on friady night about 1930 and found 4 people doing each other in the lay bay on the road up to Ash ranges, _ I think they were more suprised than me, but I declined to join in!!
  2. Should have had a go mate.. just double bag! You would have been fine lol
  3. Y not are you not man enuff???? LOL mind you theyr probably all unclean anyway
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You a poof?
  5. are you mad!!! there on a plate I would of gone for it!!!! ;)
  6. There's also the Rowney Warren car park outside of Chicksands that is renowned for dogging,err, so I've been told.

    Portsdown West in Pompey is just as popular seemingly.

    Maybe a 'Best Dogging sites near Military Establishments' thread should be started??
  7. I surpised their smell idn't give their location away before you went past them
  8. It would have been hard running abck afterwards!!
  9. Were they perhaps range wardens on their night off?

    Or do they still stick to wnacking?

    I'm so out of touch . . . . .
  10. Just to check

    they werent 4 blokes

    if so
    well done on the declining

    if not-

    what did she look like
  11. No it was two heterosexual couples and they wanted nme to join in, but I said no thanks the women were both over 35 and the men were ugly
  12. Tweseldown Racecourse carpark between Aldershot and Church Crookham ... allegedly!
  13. oh I should say that I am female!
  14. RV 13, Woodbury Common - night NAVEXs early on in training and the benefits of having a CWS
  15. Ah! :?

    No use to range wardens, then . . . . . 8O

    But do leave your phone number, m'dear. 8)