Dogging - A sport of Voyeurs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Viki_127, Jul 5, 2004.

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  1. Ok, Was talking to a mate the other day and he said he had just been cautioned for Dogging!!!!

    Can someone explain this to me please i know its something to do with cars and people getting down to it but after that I am a bit lost and he mentioned something about if the window is open u can join right in!

    Apparently this happens near a lake near my house! Please exlpain before i get curious and go down there!!

    :oops: :oops:

    P.S. Couldnt as my real friend, i jst nodded and said good on you mate :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  2. its a recent sex craze made popular by a recent expose piece of R4's farming today.

    A pre detemined spot in the cuntry is selected and the select few go there to watch or participate in outdoor shagging of various kinds. If they caught by the rozzers they claim innocence by saying "I was walking the dog"

    Apparently there is an epidemic outbreak of this out in rural parts and even the odd premier league footie player has been caught out.

    Quite what the attraction is of a load of blokes and women peering through steamy windows to see Wayne the chav humping his 20 stone mrs in a clapped out ford fiesta I do not know..................

    Make sure you take a dog with you if you choose to investigate..........and some johnnies/lube :twisted: :wink:
  3. Yes i heard some mention of a footballer!!

    I do not have a dog, will u come and hold me hand instead?? :oops:

    Nooooo Not Chav's cnt see chavs shagging 8O
  4. the sight of burberry, corned beef flesh, crap tats, an arse like 200lbs of chewed bubblegum and stretch marks should be enough to make people pay to keep their clothes on!!

    I havent got a dog either but Ive got one of those comedy dog leashes somewhere I think.

    Course I'll hold your can hold my leash....but only if youve got parkinsons! :wink: :twisted:
  5. I heard they leave the interior light on as a signal that they're up for business, and that you end up with a layby of cars, with naked bods running between each one for their next session! 8O

    Right Benji, waaalkiiies! :lol:
  6. Where was this at viki? My mothers dogs need walking!
  7. Ok Ozzer u name the field!!

    What the feck ever happened to them comedy leashes!!!!

    Also ozzer do you have a car i am missing that one vital piece of equipment!!!!
  8. result! :eek:

    I'll bring the Catrol GTX and meet you in my Reliant Robbin on the middle of the roundabout near the shops................... :wink: :x 8O :twisted:
  9. Fair Enuff, Ill bring the Superkings and the Special Brew

    Hope its a big Reliant Robin cos im not a small girl!!!!!!
  10. excellent..........I can take it to Kwik Fit to get a Bailey Bridge welded underneath it.............. but its a cabriolet so we might have to watch out for showers..................... :wink: :wink: :roll:
  11. Here you are have a look and see if it floats you boat

    I was told about this by one of my Cpls when he was in Afganistan as it was the only vaugly good site to visit.
  12. I heard they leave the interior light on as a signal that they're up for business, and that you end up with a layby of cars, with naked bods running between each one for their next session!

    Right Benji, waaalkiiies!

    Makes a change from Germany where the lay by lils jump out of the caravans in their undercrackers when they hear a Landie trundling down the road................... :wink:
  13. Darn it. Ive just been cautioned by the rozzers!

    There I was stood next to a car with its interior light on, windows steamed up. This, as read above is the signal that the occupants are game on.

    So Flashy decides he'd chuck one off the wrist.

    No one told me that it's not the done thing in Tescos car park at 1040 on a monday morning!

    Turns out that the 'occupant' was a 87 year old granny who had locked herself in her Austin 1300 and almost had a fit when the wipers couldnt remove the man glue from her windscreen.

    Some people just arent open minded enough.

    Reporting to police station this evening for the start of 100 hours community sercvice. :cry:
  14. So Viki-127

    Have you got any mates you want to invite..............we'll have be careful about numbers or it'll turn into a Krufts convention :oops: :wink: 8O

  15. I'll go if Viki def goes 8)