Doggers !!

On a visit home to my dear old mum last night, I decided as it was quite dark and windy that I would take mums pooch out for a run into the woodland behind my mums house. Now I hadn’t been in these woods for quite some time and as the faithful black lab and me walked along a a fire break, I noticed all these lights and noise coming from the car park situated at the top of the woods. So me being a bit curious and such put the dog on his lead and crept forward making use of all the shadows and natural cover.

Now im not easily shocked but when I got to the edge of the woodland where it opens out into a car parking area I was really not prepared to see a big fat she pig on all fours being done from both ends by two oldish gents whilst two other gentlemen watched on! …. Oh how I wish I had a Thunder Flash to hand. Anyway faithful Black Lab then decides that a good loud bark was in order whereupon the afore mentioned doggers move like their arses were on fire! I tell you I have never seen people bomburst so quickly in my life.

Now I need some ideas to make their next visit more interesting?
Was she totally ugly bugly? If not join in ffs.

Edited to add: ........ or at least let the dog have a go!!
The area is in Devonshire! as well
big megaphone "this is the police, you are surrounded, do not move"
try timing this with a facial money shot so bird can't see where she is running and ensuring you get it all on cam! (and posted here, obviously)
Murielson said:
Was she totally ugly bugly? If not join in ffs.
She was gopping! It was dark, but you could still see the cellulite!
logical_log said:
Harry_Boomers said:
Mister_Angry said:
Oracle said:
Harry_Boomers said:
The area is in Devonshire! as well
Ah. A family outing then. :D

If you get the Labrador in on the act I'll definitely buy the vid :p

You must be Cornish then?
I have a feeling my favourite Pig Rimming dvd was filmed in Liskeard.

If the film was called " Back door Porkers" then it was probably filmed in Bodmin!
:D :D Come to the sunny heights of Epping forest and behold the delights of yards of wobbling flesh in steamy cars on a Friday night. Not pretty and not good risk management of big boned women :p :p

The local plod must use it to gird their loins prior to a diff method of entry in a crack house :twisted: :twisted:

FUGLY :evil: :roll:
:twisted: Apologies for the multi computer has just stuck it's finger up my nose and told me to .....fcuk off and error 404 with vengence :twisted: :twisted:
Over to you......
When attending the centre of excellence that is DISC at Chicksands you'll find that the road to the main gate takes you past what is, allegedly, one of the foremost dogging locations in the UK. Apparently, so I've been told, by someone.

Coincidence that the Int Corps should have chosen to move it's home to withing 600m of such a place? I leave you to answer that one.

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A parachure distress flare and a packet of bangers will do the job nicely.

Hold the bangers in your hand, light the lot and throw them, then fire the flare whilst shouting CONTACT! at the top of your voice. you don't need to run too fast 'cos a man with his pants round his ankles is not that fast either but don't forget to grab the camera before you run...we want the video.

ps. the car park at Hankley Common has a bit of this as well so you can go and shake them up with a few blank if you want.
Has anyone got a Taser they can lend me? As a white arse going up and down would make a great target!
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