Doggers have rights too you know!

Fucking marvelous, sods bloody law, it's now safer to go dogging AFTER I've lost me balls!


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So, let me get this right -

I am sucking off George Michael in a public toilet and along comes PC Knacker. Rather than me swallowing my (his?) pride and owning up to it as a fair cop, he's going to give me a big hug and a mug of cocoa, and make sure my feelings aren't hurt by onlookers pointing and snickering? What is this, the fucking RAF or something?
I though the whole idea of Dogging was to get people to watch and join in or am I doing it wrong.

Sat in car in ASDA Car Park furiously thrapping away, winking suggestively at the little beauties taking their trolleys back to the Trolley Bay
So I got a criminal record for life, a CRB fail and automatically banned from about 40% of all jobs for just picking a woman up, but if I had an orgy in the local park that would be ok? Effing brilliant.
If dogging has protection of consideration and rights when PC Plod happens along when some geezer and girlfriend are bonking across the bonnet of their public, maybe.

Then does that mean if I, after coming back from the "Barf In Bucket" Pub after a skinful of ale, decide to pish through next door's letter box because I beleive the geezer is a tw*t... Then if my Family Jewels are trapped under the letter box lid, and I end up shouting and hollering until said PC Plod and Sidekick turn up. Will I get the same considerations of 'equality' and protections that my "Oomin Rites" have been breached because said neighbour should have put WD40 on his letter box as a "Care of Duty" towards me and others who might decide to pish through his letter box?



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I like to pick up prozzies by the side of the road, stuff them full of my manfat, strangle them, chop their limbs off and deposit them in various cool plastic green household Eco bins that the councils give to householders, for fun. If plod caught me doing it, they'd nick me and bang me up for life, but if I fuck someone I know for free in a public place and let strangers watch, they'll just pass on by?!?!?

That's fucking ridiculous!
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