Dogfish - What to do with it?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Mr_Baiter, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. I'm off for a night's fishing soon, first time for a very long time.

    Most of what we'll catch is straightforward - mackerel, pollack, mabe some sole, turbot if we're really lucky and possibly gurnard - all of which I have a good recipe for.

    But dogfish is a sod to sken and prep and then we only ever really fry it on batter - has anyone got anything a bit nicer and possibly more healthy that I can try?
  2. Just let them go , its not worth the effort but,

    Cut the fish into slices,marrinade in lemonjuice Try the Lea & Perrins,salt and pepper for about 1 hr,dry and roll in flour, put some olive oil in a pan and fry a sliced onion until soft add fish and a chopped clove of Garlic, add some peppercorns and capers and 1 Tbl spoon of cream when cooked and serve on a bed of rice
  3. Didn't Huge Ferny Wittybloke do a dogfish curry on one of his river cottage things?
  4. Only cooked one once when it was lobbed my way whilst at Lookout Camp FI,marinated it in lemon,garlic and a little oil sauteed in piri piri spices then served it on a bed of fresh ratatouille went down very well.
  5. Dogfish (Rock Salmon to the chippy afficienados), being part of the Shark family, can be cooked the same as any type of shark meat, slice into steaks, flour and saute in butter and olive oil, or BBQ.
  6. Where are you catching Turbot you lucky man?
    I'm catching Mackerel and Black Bream at moment, easy to cook with great 'Tom and Jerry' cartoon skeletons that are easy to deal with.

    Dogfish: lay onto sheet of foil, sprinkle with black pepper and a knob (stop giggling at the back!) of butter. A few Herbs de provence over the top, and pull up the foil sheet into a pasty. Pour in a little white wine just before you seal the top and pop the whole thing into a preheated ........... bin. Err... oven at gas 4 for about 40 mins for an average size one.

    Most fish cook quite acceptably this way, although cos most are thinner give em less time. But if you do oily fish this way, don't add the butter.
    Now send me the GPS numbers for Turbot mark!
    Thanks in advance.
  7. Just feed it to the cat-only land based mammals that like it
  8. Turbot is a very rare treat - only had 2 last year and 1 the year before. We have had them about 20miles west of Jersey and about 8 miles off the Pembroke coast.

    My mate the skipper knows where to find things I am just the very grateful passenger.