Dogfighting Thrives in Russia

The two opponents padded and paced on a snowcovered basketball court, waiting for their fight to begin. Sarbai, with his trainer, Aleksandr Fedyakin, is a 135-pound shepherd’s dog that took part in the recent tournament in a forest area south of Moscow.

They were adult Central Asian wolf dogs in the middleweight class. Both were undefeated in a combined 42 appearances in Russia’s fighting-dog rings. Each weighed more than 100 pounds......The sport involves massive, thick-headed breeds, including Central Asian shepherd dogs and Caucasian ovcharka, bred by livestock herders across the continent to defend sheep and cattle in the mountains and on the steppe. Collectively the dogs are called volkodavs, the wolf-killers.

in full (by the NYTimes that is attempting to get it banned)


I hope that it is banned worldwide!


Trip_Wire said:
I hope that it is banned worldwide!
I'm in Central Asia, and Volkodavs are very cheap here, and people give them for free. I'm sure if these dogs were more expensive and less in quantity this stupid sport would stop by itself. People are very poor here and they try to do anything to make money.


War Hero
You should be where I am, there are dog fights every night in the bar, God how some servicemen have the balls to marry them I don't know LOL


Dog-fighting? Thats nothing: the old babushka in my local Moscow pie shop was done for making dogmeat pasties - but was only lifted 'cos she'd nicked some rich guy's pedigree pooch.

There was another old dear splashed acroos the news and press for selling similar "hot-dogs" to train passengers somewhere out east. The TV showed her apartment, piled high with doggie remains. When questioned as to whether she should be feeding dog to unsuspecting customers, she indignantly replied "No-one has complained; they all say my pasties are very tasty!"

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