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Dogface, good or bad?

What do normal Americans think of my Son?

  • He should keep quiet, America does not need representing by his sort.

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  • There is nothing wrong with him that could not be fixed with a brick to the back of the head.

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  • He would be ok if he would shut up and leave us alone.

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  • He is ok I guess, just a misguided fool.

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I'm just curious to find out what the American arrse members think of my son.
I'm not American. but I think he's great. Insightful, open-minded, caring, intelligent...

Matter of fact, if I could set him up with my Mum, I could call him Dad!

Dogface, do you have anything against women in wheelchairs? Look beyond the drool, she's got a great personality.
It's a liberal conspiracy.

Tinfoil hats on everybody.

Dogface for President! (If he got elected, would my Mum be the first Mong?)
Dogfaces_Dad said:
I'm just curious to find out what the American arrse members think of my son.
Couldn't we talk about you instead? I find you incredibly sexy.
I find him useful as the highly conservative equivalent of KGB resident myself presenting opposite sides of arguments in an (almost) rational way. Although his pro-gun chip is slightly grating.

If everyone on this sight had the same opinion it would be boring after all
"if everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking" - General Patton
"If I'm urinating on your head, is it splashing?"
I think he is a lovely boy, always immaculately turned out, usually clean, and unfailingly polite.

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