Dogbreath and Tube_Steak - Why????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by longtimeout, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. In light of DD's frustration at the goings on in Multinational HQ, I've decided to start this over in the NAAFI.

    What are Dogface and Trip_Wire aiming to achieve through their continued presence? They stick their heads up, time after time, with a big crayon scrawled sign saying "Kick Me", and then complain when forum members take a shot.

    It is some kind of masochistic reaffirmation of their place in the world? Or are they just a couple of wheelchair bound, dribbling old hasbeens, and this is their only social interaction.

    IMHO, They have both demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of the social atmosphere of this forum, and the sense of humour which makes it so special and enjoyable to many. But they keep coming back.

    I'm not complaining mind you. I love mong baiting as much as the next man.


    Answers on a card please.
  2. Dogface is unknown to me while I know of Trip_Wire but can't remember any of his/her posts. Do you have any links for example?
  3. Links! To be honest, I just spent 5 minutes looking for an indicative page, but I was spoilt for choice.

    Can I refer you to any of the top threads in the Multinational HQ. Especially those with the words America, or ChiCom in the title.

    Funny as feck. In a strange, seal clubbing kind of way.
  4. Because they can :?
  5. Trip_wire is such a "patriot" it sickens me. I'm beginning to think that the brainwashed muslim extremists are in fact not unlike the brainwashed U.S. citizen.

    They are both starting to piss me off, they both want to inflict harm and make their place in the world, and they both keep dragging us into it. :x
  6. I think it is jsut a humour failure on their part.
    They dont understand the first rule of being the new kid.
    Start quietly,
    Work out where you stand before gobbing off
    Then Work out which fights are worth picking
    If you do get into a scrap, respond in kind and make sure you're cleverer rather than louder.

    - can someone forward that advice to GW bush as well!
  7. I'm not too fussed about TW really - it's good to be patriotic.

    Now where's my 100' x 50' union flag gone....? :)