Dog-whistle politics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Placebo, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. The guy that shot that congresswoman in Arizona seems to be part of a new breed of extremist thugs who get "coded" messages directly from the opinion makers of the day. Said opinion makers (most of whom reside in that wilderness called FoxNews and rightwing talk airwaves) get paid millions of dollars to peddle hate while preaching love.

    They talk about "taking our country back." From whom is not exactly clear unless they are refering to the Muslim alien guy in the Whitehouse who is hellbent on making the U.S a province of Saudi Arabia.

    They talk about "we are the real Americans" and somehow claim with a straight face that they have a monopoly on religion and family values.

    While nobody can say for sure why that guy opened fire, me would not be surprised at all if somebody else out there is at this very moment planing something on an even bigger scale just to send a message that, yes, only they can hear that dog-whistle. Happens on both sides of the aisle but the rightwing is much more adept at it.

    So -dare I say- was Hitler.

    Republican strategist Lee Atwater in 1981.
  2. some people hear what they wish David Berkowitz thought his neighbours dog commanded him to kill

    was the dog evil? did the dog have an aggenda? not really it licked it bollocks and that was about it

    if i say to you "they need ****ing slapping" who is they, its upto the person to decide and in a case where theres possible underlieing mental illness "they" go from being the gobby local kids to the people in charge

    remember the last political Assassination attempt was done largly to impress a young actress (jodie foster whom i beilive was 13 )
  3. I agree Mr Random and that is why I find this dog-whistle thing so fascinating. When you have a someone who is on the edge of the cliif, all you need is for him/her to believe that he/she is hearing this special message from the people he likes and admires so much. After that it is not so hard to jump into the abyss and take as many of the "enemy" as possible.

    Is this going to change? Of course not. Why? Because inciting people overtly or covertly works all the time.
  4. Is he Uncle Festers love child?
  5. Blaming Sarah Palin for Arizona is wrong

  6. rockape34's assertion:

    If Palin emerges as a martyr in this incident then my faith in human beings would be greatly shaken. Mr Random theorized that these loons who listen to voices in their heads should not look to others for sympathy. This in my opinion is wrong and is also a gross oversimplication of the issue.

    People who go on deadly rampages are not normal. They are by the nature of their deeds abnormal. I don't personally know anyone who would pick up a gun and fire into a crowd of strangers. The people who do are sick to begin with and should be treated as such: sick.

    Am I naive? Maybe.

    Only problem: by the time "normal" people get the balls to act against this sickness, it is invariably almost too late. It is (IMHO) like finding out you have lung cancer. By the time you do, it is almost always too late.

    'Tis the price we pay for living in a democracy.

    But to deliberately push them, to urge them to reload, to characterize them as warriors in some sort of noble struggle is just wrong. No inch given, no mile taken as I say this.

    There is nothing wrong with loudly expressing your opinion. Sometimes it is necessary. What is wrong is taking or trying to take advantage of the crazy people out there for your own personal political gain, especially when it involves permanently negating the right to life of others. It might work in some stupid third world dictatorship but it has absolutely no space in the civilized and developed societies that we are all so proud to live in.
  7. ... not an assertion of mine, just a differing view published by Der Spiegel. As on this side of the pond, members of the main parties should engage brain before opening mouth, idiots are ubiquitous.

    As to being naïf - if you believe politicians ... ^_~
  8. can you show me were i said that??

    I didn't as someone who spent years looking after someone with severe mental illness i feel it is a serious issue which needs help and understanding

    the point i was making is if dave hears voices of say obama telling them to rape next doors dog, its not obamas fault if dave lubes up and goes looking for sparky
  9. The 24/7 torrent of hate and bile being spilled out against Pres Obama and the left on Fox News would make Der Stürmer look like a liberal minded read and Julius Streicher an fair minded and balanced reporter - and FNC is not even on the extreme right of US politics. You tell the loons enough that somebody is the 'enemy' and eventually people start to believe it.
  10. Fixed that for you. Funny how 8+ years of "Chimpy McBushHitler", assassination/rape fantasies etc has disappeared down the rabbit hole as if it never happened...

  11. The increasing polarisation in the US is pretty scary. The amount of fear-mongering that goes on in both the 'left' and 'right' is incredible. Makes the Labour-Conservative bitch fest look incredibly tame.

    I think it will be the USA's downfall one day.
  12. The right wing billy hick militias and nutjobs don't tend by and large to watch MSNBC
  13. I see you're still flogging that same picture around, Stoaty. It's Day 4 now, surely the Right has found more examples of "leftists" inciting violence? have you found that picture of a Code Pink protester with a carbine slung across her back? No? Never mind. Keep looking.

    Meanwhile This is what's been on Glenn Beck's Website since the shooting:

    Here's a highway billboard- from the Fox News Radio affiliate in Tucson- near the exit to the street where the supermarket was located

  14. Is that all you can manage, crabby? Really?

    Try this on for size:

    The Face of Hate - Atlas Shrugs

    C'mon, I want to see some examples of Beck, Rush, SP et al LITERALLY advocating violence. Or a molotov cocktail thrown by a TP-er.