Dog visiting.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. A friend of mine is visiting and bringing her dog. Well it's just a puppy. Seven weeks old. She's only got it today.

    She'll be staying over and I'm a little concerned about where to house said puppy. If it's in the kitchen it will be warm enough but might try to get into food cupboards or something - tiled floor though. If it's in one of the main rooms it may foul the carpets or furnishings although it would be plenty warm enough. I don't want it to have the run of the hallway and staircase so that's out. I had been thinking of giving it a blanket and basket in the vestibule but am worried it might be a bit cold. There's no heating in there at all.

    I think it's one of these, looks quite furry so might be ok?

  2. Put newspaper down in the kitchen with a favourite toy (if it has one) and make sure that it's OK and settled before going up to bed?
  3. Somewhere with easy to clean floors is probably wise- carpets are hard to clean and the pup will pick up its own scent and keep fouling there. Most people's heating goes off at night anyway, if you're worried put an old blanket in its bed for extra warmth! Have fun!!
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    what the bloody hell is a vestibule, is that where you wear a vest
  5. She should be bringing it in a crate... as the small space allows the dog to stay more placid (imagine yourself being brought to a strange house the size of St Pauls and told to sleep somewhere!!!).

    Failing that, get him a stout cardboard box, covered with blankets and a blanket inside to make a nest from. (or towels). THe blankets over the outside will deaden sound.
  6. Kitchen should be fine, if any lower cupboards have food in them try and secure them in some way. You'll probably find it will whine all night.
  7. oh you'd need a vest, a thermal one. It's quite cold, positively arctic at times.
  8. Ensure the puppy has a cage, and keep it in the tiled kitchen. Ensure you take the puppy out immediately after eating, wipe it's arse with a warm wet tissue and it will shit (reward it for doing so).

    If no cage/kennel then stick it in a BIG box with a blanket and water.
  9. Put the fukcer in the freezer or nail it's tail to the floor.
  10. Crate. Makes puppy type things much more bearable.

    When first introduced to the concept of puppy crates thought it was both pointless and cruel but wrong on both counts.
  11. This really is a no-brainer! It's seven weeks old! Put it in with your friend at all times. She's the only connection it has to any sort of continuity in its life (voice, smells etc). I'm surprised your "friend" didn't suggest this in the first place.

  12. You may be astounded at the amount of wee and poo that a puppy can generate: Tiled floor sounds a pretty good option to me
  13. The vestibule is tiled that's why I thought of it. Just wonder if it will be OK with it being cold....
  14. Wrap it in plastic and put it in the armoury.

    Clean, warm and quiet and if it plays up all of the tools to deal with it are immediately to hand.
  15. :)

    I wonder if it could be trained to sit on a bar stool?