Dog v Gazelle

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by cloudbuster, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. Enquiry on PpRuNe regarding a dog (four-legged) in NI losing its snout in a one-sided arguement with a feneston. I'm sure there's a bit of a whiff of urban myth about it, but it'd be nice to be able to verify the tale.
  2. How does it smell?
  3. How big was the f@cking dog, as I remember the Fenestron is almost chest height, although I do remember a member of my regiment,17/21st, walking into a Scout tail rotor
  4. Badly!

    I'll get my coat.
  5. Dog-sized, in all probability. I suggest you pay a bit more interest to Crufts next time it's on. You'll be surprised just how agile the little mutts can be.

    Your mate was probably trying to escape from someone.
  6. Maybe the dog was fired in to the tail rotor after being lobbed up the breech of a gun ;-)
  7. Was this before or after the RSM crashed out the blocks to head down into town to fight?
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  8. Apparently tropper was talking to him. Being turned into salami was preferable to being bored into a coma.
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  9. After, it was the same morning as the CSM pointed his pacestick at Tropper and said "Whats this peice of shit at the end of my pacestick?" And Tropper replied "There's nothing at my end sir"
  10. Liar, liar pants on fire
  11. Fixed that for you. :)
  12. Tropper bullshitting again, who would have thought it!
  13. That was the same morning where the lads in the guard room were taking it in turn to **** a girl in a dark room. When the duty Sgt came in and fancied a go.He started going at her like the clappers when old Jonesy turned the light on and it was the Sgt's daughter.
  14. Make your way to the alien reactor and activate it, only that way will Mars obtain free air.

    Hopefully then you will wake from this dream and you can go back to riding a kango drill.
  15. It was before the busload of nurses from Rinteln arrived...