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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by humana, May 31, 2005.

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  1. Hello, I want to join the army to become a dog trainer, and i would like to know what the training is like, and what it involves. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Join the QAs, lots of dogs there........what's that coat......oh thanks :oops:
  3. Ventress

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  4. Day Jar View!!!!!

    It could just be my old age but didn't we have this thread a week or 2 ago??

    I can recall most of the ruff comments had little pedigree & most of them were just barking up the wrong tree.

    OH NO I`m off again. :roll:
  5. Hmmmm intresting topic, for the scab lifters to
  6. I'll have you know some members of this forum are more than qualified to give opinions about dog handling.
    ..............Aren`t you D-L
  7. May want to check out the most famous of this site's posts. You'll need refreshments, somewhere to calm down, and about six hours to get through it. Nevertheless, I can't think of somedog more qualified to educate you than Stumpy
  8. Never handled any dogs, just shagged em :wink:
  9. A "shaggy" dog story if ever I heard one!

    At least you were able to check your own swabs :)
  10. Following basic military training at ATR Winchester, you will commence Corps training at the Defence Animal Centre, and will initially train up to Class 3 standard, handling protection dogs.

    You will also be taught how to act as an intruder wearing a padded arm!

    You will, following a suitable period, progress through to Class 2, and then Class 1.

    During this period you will have been instructed at each stage and taught all there is to know about dog training and kennel management. A a Dog Trainer you will able to qualify to Level 3 NVQ.
  11. just to let you know its a 2% pass rate at ravc selection. read up and prepare yourself.

    i just attended and passed so dont worry they let anyone in. :D
  12. LOL can not resist is that an upper left Canine you are talking about .... :twisted:
  13. [

    You will also be taught how to act as an intruder wearing a padded arm!


    Is there something special about being trained as an intruder with a padded arm? I would have thought it would have been quite straightforward to intrude with or without the arm thing. Unless of course the padding was used to break a window without risking personal harm - to your arm.

    Is there also a risk that protection dogs will only attack people with padded arms (or those unfortunate to have arms which are naturally big and merely look padded). I have big arms and now feel potentially discriminated against!
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    Believe it or not, the RAVC is part of the AMS! :wink:
  15. ah dog trainers!

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    ill even settle for a vet to put her down.

    i don't want her to feel any pain though i do love my wife dearly.

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