Dog Trainers on ops

I've searched and not found this anywhere else, sorry if I'm just a mong and it's already been done to death. If you need ideas for "My mrs is a dog" or "i've slept with a few in my time" then feel free to steal ideas from the countless other posts that've been made of similar nature :D

The serious part: What is the chance of being deployed to sandy places as a dog trainer? I'm thinking a bit about moving to it from being a STAB (infantry). I understand that I will have to go through phase 1 all over again etc. etc..

I'd quite like to get on ops with the job, where I imagine dog handlers would have quite an active role (?). I don't want to be stuck in the UK/Germany all the time. Is a dog trainer someone who then handles the dog on ops, or do they just train the dog and then pass them on down the line to handlers? Ideally what I'd like to do is see active service doing the bomb/porn searching duties.

I hold no accountability for any lack of sense in the above post as I really have no idea what I'm talking about here, as it's just an idea at present.

Dog trainers are qualified to train all types of dog (patrol arm true, guard, arms explosives search, tracker etc) and will work at DAC Melton Mowbray or one of the Defence Animal Support Units if they're still called that. There are opportunities to handle dogs on an op tour as well.

Have a look at Soldier Magazine website from three or four months ago; there is a Sgt Tac Thomson RAVC handling an AES dog in Iraq. Quite a good write-up. Cnut was still a private when I knew him, though :wink:

Any further info pm me. I may be a little out of date (came out '96) but the gist of it will be correct.

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