Dog Trainer??

Or dogshitted??
You do not have to be a LCpl to be a dog trainer, however, if the pet corps current manning is healthy, they may only want certain ranks at this time.

Why on earth would anyone want to join the pet corps though?

Speak to OC Canine Div at DAC. Better still, the chief trainer.
I’ve just looked into this mate, I don’t know how you’d stand on transfer if your already in the forces but you can join up in the vet corp to be a dog trainer, however spaces are very limited and sought after.

I’v been in touch with various people over this as all I wanted do in the army was be a trainer but iv been told that they are only recruiting 4 next year as of Feb, and preference will obviously go to those with experience (I'm ready to stand corrected!) one of the example of experience he gave me was some bloke with a folder full of Curfts certificates he’d won! It made my “but I really want to work with dogs” sound a bit shite! :D
Good luck though mate if you do decide to go for it.
if you decide to transfer to the veg corps & work in the canine div you will start of on the lines cleaning , feeding and exercising the dogs,as well as assisting the trainers ,after completing the basic dog cse ,you,ll then be a dog handler,you may then go onto being a specialist handler ,search ,tracker etc, then onto trainer ,baiter etc ,its hard work the corps is small and very small minded ,bitchy etc especially to transferees, but the job satisfaction is out of this world, :D
does your frend like animals in a special way (if he does then he is one sick puppy-lol)