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Hi all,

After a bit of advise on the RAVC - bit fed up of trawling through the internet and ending up on annoying yahoo answer pages!

I want to join the army as either a Dog Trainer or a Veterinary Technician. Ive always wanted to work with animals, and have always wanted to be in the forces so it seems like the perfect thing for me. Im 22 and left school with 9 GCSE's, 6 of which were grade C and above, and although I dont have any qualifications in animal care, I have just secured some voluntary work at some local boarding kennels so I can get some hands on experience with looking after and caring for the dogs.

I already have my army application form, and im half way through filling it out. Im trying to get my fitness levels up before I get the ball rolling with it. My boyfriend who was md'd from the parachute regiment is helping me with my training ;P

What Im worried about though, is actually getting accepted for my desired role. Im aware that competition is fierce for the RAVC and I know that alot of people get transferred. Apart from the volunteer work at the dog kennels, and some half decent GCSE's, I dont have much going for me in terms of experience. I did also apply for the RAF Police last year to see whether I could do a dog handler course that way, but was told they recieved too many applications for mine to even be considered!

Im just looking for some advise from perhaps someone who is in, or has been in the RAVC, any tips on passing the interview/selection process and if there's anything else I can do that will benefit my application?! I was even looking at doing an online course in 'Canine Communication'.

Thanks :)

Loads of info for Dog Handlers, use the search function :) - Disco
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