Dog Trainer Needed...

...Sorry, don't know where else to post this and as I'm REME thought this was a good a place as any. I've recently bought a new Pup who is starting to get openly aggressive towards other dogs - he chased a Collie half way around camp today! :cry:

I'm looking for a dog trainer in the Bad Fallingbostel area who speaks (some) English - any ideas? :?:
insttech if you find one mate pass his number on, I'm tryin unsuccesfully to train my wife to wash up every now and again! :wink:
get a much bigger dog to beat it up then it will soon learn
Dogs get aggressive if they are not socialised. get along to a dog club somwhere, I travel 40 odd miles to mine every week.
Cesar Milan "The Dog Whisperer" - Sky Three (108) , 1900hrs(CET) daily.....

Will tell you all you need to know mate......
Like TB says, it's highly likely he isn't socialised enough. With other dogs.

Make friends with other dogs and thier humans. Try to walk with different dogs, and try to mix him with other dogs.

Don't be afraid to tell the other dog's human that your dog is a bit fiesty, keep him ON lead and let him sniff the other dogs. If he turns aggressive give him a good yark on the lead.

Importantly, do not let him think his behaviour is acceptable. Immediatly chastise him. If you can't do it immediatly, forget about it and apologise to the other dog. Seriously, if you don't do it immeidiately the b0llocking doesn't work, because the dog just doesn't know hwy he is being shouted at.

If all else fails you could try a remote coller, that sprays him when you push a button, again push the button when he is naughty. I don't really like the electric shock collars.

What breed is he? How old? Is he castrated? What is his background? What about your background with dogs?

There are sites out there that can help. A bit like ArRSe but the Dogs ArRSe. :p
Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) is the man! Watch and learn.

We have a 3 year old SBT from the RSPCA and had to resolve several issues with her (beaten as a pup by her previous chav owner) and got there eventually.

Like other posters say, dogs are sociable animals that need a pack. When they come into our homes their pack consists of the family. Like any pack animal they need to know their pack position and will try to become as dominant as they are allowed. You have to keep the dog in it's place ie lowest pack member! If the dog does not socialise with other dogs it will become aggresive as it perceives a threat to it's own position. You have to gradually introduce the dog to other dogs and owners.

Also, a dog has a concentration span of one or two seconds; make sure that you carry treats or a toy (our preference) and keep the dogs attention constantly focused on you, the pack leader, and not other dogs.

Has the dog been 'done'? If you have no intention of breeding from him, get him down the vets and have his nuts clipped! It will knock a lot of the aggression out of him!
UnderTheBreech said:
Cesar Milan "The Dog Whisperer" - Sky Three (108) , 1900hrs(CET) daily.....

Will tell you all you need to know mate......
get the beers in nick,be over 2moro! :pissed:
Kev and Annette at the Bielefeld K9 Club. They run Kennel Club affiliated Dog training classes in Bielefeld. The classes go puppy, bronze, slver & gold. They also do canine grooming and canine first aid classes. They are Brits and work at Dog Section in Bielefeld which which is in Catterick Bks.

They trainined our Border Collie to gold standard and he won the Agility competion at the Annual dog show 2 years in a row. They are VERY helpful. Both are employed as dog handlers but Annette was a vetinary nurse in a previous life.

If you want somewhere in Fally look in the Gelbseite (Yellow Pages) for Hund Schule or Hund Verein, these being dog school and dog club. Germans are big into their clubs and there will be one in Fally or Walsrode.
I go to a German one. And to be honest the language barrier isn't too great a hurdle.

The dogs don't know German or English.

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