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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Beerhunter, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. One of our dogs makes a habit of going off on her own hunts. 'Er indoors think that we should fit her with a tracker. (The dog not 'er indoors.) They seem to vary in price massively. Does anyone have any experience/reconsiderations?
  2. Get an extendable lead and don't let her off.
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  3. I used a Loc8or in the early days. Short range and close to line of sight so limited use, though it did work when the dog got herself trapped. Much better spending a lot of time developing a reliable recall in the first place.
    Garmin make a very effective gps version. She'd load of money though.

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  4. Put a front door on your house and save a fortune on tracking equipment.
  5. Superglue..... paws......... floor

    Job Jobbed
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    My beddy whippet used to go off a hunting alone. Solved the problem by taping a falconry transmitter to her collar. A quick spin with a receiver would locate her digging at a warren. Probably costs more than a Garmin though.
  7. The Sony one in the daily mail article will set you back a fair price, and the camera has nice features but when outside of the waterproof case is pretty fragile.

    A vastly cheaper option is the AEE from Maplin at £120 including waterpoof case, screen, remote control and many mounts. This is very similar to the GoPro camera, and has the same chipset as the GoPro (not the latest GoPro 3 though)

    HD Action Camcorder : Covert Spy Equipment : Maplin Electronics

    Instead of strapping it to an expensive harness you can attach to the dogs collar (James may manlab style), or if you have a harness on your dog already you could attach a mount to it

    The aee camera above will do all the videoing you require, and can be sound activated, or take photos by sound activation
    It does not have GPS or wifi/3G remote viewing, but these are options that come at a price
    It will let you know where your dog has been but not let you see where it is. However in most circumstances you should know where it is
  8. 04932ec10a14b1e2b42d0667c4a763b2.jpg

    No more running off and saves on vets bills.
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  9. I prefer Paslode.
  10. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Why don't you try just teaching your dog to obey you and come back?