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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dombooth188, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. hi i am posted to Germany in September and was wondering if any one knew if i need a full pet passport or just usual jabs.
  2. Rabies jabs, and the usual ones and a pet passport!

  3. You or the dog? 8O
  4. you only need a pet passport to take a dog to germany if you intend to return with the animal,if you do intend to bring the dog back into the country you will need a period of at least 6-9 months to be able to get the pet pasport.
    You have to get the animal innoculated twice with a period of time between jabs,plus you have to get 2 blood test which takes more time,my dog was passported 3 yrs ago as we go onto the continent several times a yr,it used to be that you had to get booster jabs every yr,but now it has been extended to 2 yrs.
    We found the system crap when we first had the dog done but now its great,be aware if you want to bring the dog back to the uk,you have to get a worming jab 24 hrs before you travel and you only have a 24 hr window to travel.
  5. I agree with Poppi, however, if you are eventually bringing the Pet back I would strongly advise that you ensure that the passport is completely correct with all the signatures and dates otherwise you are in for a world of hurt with the French customs on your way back in.

    Last time I came back the passports had changed from the original concept and although I had both (passports) because the vet had not transferred the date of the pets chip from the original to the new one I was refused entry for nearly 5 hours.

    This in spite of the stupid bint admitting that I could have filled the date in myself, however, because I hadn’t it was tough and it wasn’t her fault the UK government insisted on such rules and regulations.

    I eventually managed to trace the vet in Osnabruck from 9 years previous who had originally chipped my pet got him to fax through the fact that he had. The friendly French customs official then made me fill the date in on the passport before waving me on my way :x :x :x
  6. Thanks for the advise guys I may have a drama as I am posted in September so the jabs will be close. So could I go with the majority done and have it completed over there to be able to return to the uk???
  7. The drama is not leaving the UK as the French couldn’t give a ‘Monkeys stuff’ and you will pass through Belgium, Holland and into Germany without a care in the world.

    The issue is bringing the Pet back in. When the scheme first started my pet was completely sorted in Germany included getting Chipped, however if your pet is not compliant there is still the quarantine option.

    I would advise you contact DEFRA here for full advice
  8. It's also expensive! It cost me just over £200 about a year and a half ago.

    The rabies one is the one that takes the time. As mentioned earlier, an injection is given and you must then wait a set amount of days - can't remember how many, but 20 days springs to mind. After this, a blood test is done to see if the dog is reacting correctly to the anti-rabies injection.

    Good luck!
  9. And if the dog fails and has to have it redone its more time spent waiting.

    As CAARPS says its not a drama getting the dog out you just need to be compliant getting it back.

    So if you cant get it done before, wait untill your here and get one vet to do it all.

    I travelled through Holland and had no problems mate so it may be worth considering which route you take.
  10. i will be traveling through Holland as i am going to fallingbostel so thats the shortest route also think the best option will be to get it done out there before i return with it been so short.