Dog the fcuking bounty hunter



Who the fcuk is this guy and his family are they a bunch of god fearing proffessionals??
Or are they a god damn group of WALTS who always seem to be arresting women weaklings or druggies????
He served time for murdering someone & whilst inside 'found the Lord'.


Couldn't the annoying b***ard found the end of a puerto ricans home made shank whilst inside


WhiteHorse said:
And this has what do with this Forum? How is it a RHQ matter?
? Ask me one on sport?
WhiteHorse said:
And this has what do with this Forum? How is it a RHQ matter?
Totally agree. Time for a mod to feck it off to the NAAFI bar perhaps?
Maybe someone has a sense of humour? After all dearly beloved, have we not all been bounty hunters at some point in our lives? Usually in mid March?!
Good one about the Bounty Hunters cuddles!!

I remember a while back, a very nice but very old RAO, had his big gag he did every year, summoned every one to come in to his office one by one, to collect their "Bounty" .... and of course every one walked out having been handed a Bounty Chocolate Bar .. same old same old, but we did all laugh politely
To my eternal regret I got stuck on that show when my remote conked out mid flick..before I could reach the replacement batteries I was riveted by the image of Mrs. Dog...Now there is one scary b**ch..she could do some serious damage in a ' take down ' fur shur...
Well, there's worse shows out there. "The Apprentice" and "American Idol" spring immediately to mind.

That said, the show is over-hyped and they certainly don't seem to go after any criminals that are a "threat". However, Mrs. Dog (seems apt somehow) would definitely be able to reduce most strong men to a blubbering mass (unlike her mass of blubber).
Still looks like a nob tho....

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