Dog the Bounty Hunter

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Flicking through Sky last night,I found this programme.
    What a freak show.
    All the kit,the shooters,the pony tails,the tattoos.And his wife(?)with her outstanding chest.
    Are they for real,or is it in the best traditions of "mockumentary"?
  2. Sadly, all for real.

    Although look for the South Park Episode when Cartman becomes the hallway monitor... with mace. Almost more real than Dog and his family - a great spoof!
  3. From what i can gather, he's an ex-con that found god and fights crime. Just switch your brain off and enjoy.

    Some of the stuff he gets upto is quite amusing, especially the bit where his nephew was scrapping with 3 blokes, he pepper sprayed the lot em even his nephew, whilst staying out of range of all of them windmilling each other.
  4. Break out the claymores when he comes a knocking for the council taxes.Or hogtie him with a bounty in his gob and set the hounds on him.
  5. Agreed, I would shoot my muck all over those glorious entities. Anyone else hear the pillock going on about everyday being in a "life or death" situation? I could of swore he only went after half decomposed crack heads that were having too much fun sitting in derelict dog pens than going to see there parole officer.
    He looks cool as feck though!
  6. I bet half the cons in dog would go stright to prison than listen to dogs wife give you that you have f*cked up speech.
  7. Apparently that's where the name is from,because Dog is God backwards (you learn something new everyday).

    Also,according to Google,the reason he's not armed is because he's got a police record (not Synchronicity).
  8. Ye gods man!!!,in what way does this fukker look cool as Feck? :? :? :?
  9. :? :? :? :?

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  10. I like to watch this but the guy is a complete and utter nugget.
    What is his hair all about?
  11. A part in braveheart and $200 a week to keep it looking in shoite order. :)
  12. And the other being that bounty hunters can't be armed in their state. :wink:

    Still amused me when he got jailed in Mexico, after following a parole jumper there, and got done for assault, and false imprisonment... :roll:

    Have a looky on google. Think he even has a Wikipedia page...
  13. thats one of the things that struck me the one time I watched it (I was very, very bored). he was going on about how this crackhead might have a gun, might be violent ect ect, and when they went in I thought "hold on, your going to arrest someone, who could very well be armed (and by all accounts the kind of dungheaps the crackheads seem to live in, that's a very likely scenario) with nothing more than a can of mace, and some decidedly walty looking mates, similarly equiped 8O" if it was me, they would be staring down the barrel of a 9mm at the verry least (if I couldn't get a shotgun)
  14. Truly stupid show, Sorry to hear that it is on in the UK as someone might think the US is really like that, Only watched it in hospital as my roomate liked it.

    It appears however that everyone has missed the best line of the entire series. They were going into a really dumpy housing project (council estate) with the hair, leather vests, tin badges around their necks and duty belts with batons, cuffs, and the largest cans of Mace made. Dog turns to his group and says "OK guys, low profile, lets be inconspicuous"
  15. Watched a few episodes, on the recommendation of a mate. Did'nt last long. For me the defining moment was when Dog took his wife to a UFC match; he started mouthing off about not liking MMA because it was too violent and he "deals with this sort of stuff everyday".

    Aye, right; Macing a crack addict who can barely stand up is not the same as facing a pro. athlete without cuffs, pepper spray or his Walty, banjo-playing mates to back him up. :roll: