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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by LadyK, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. I know American soldiers do but do British Army soldiers have dog tags?
  2. No

    British soldiers have Identity Disks
  3. Yeah and you get to wear them jangling around your neck whilst playing volleyball on the beach in your white vest...they look really cool and attract all the lovely ladies. Oh no, that was Top Gun.
  4. Dog tags? Do you mean like 'Slag scores', carved it to your bedspace?
  5. wounder why?
  6. British have a different style they are round and generally not worn other than on tour.
  7. Ok but wouldnt it be better if our soldiers did wear dog tags? That way if they do get killed,( and the soldier cant be recongised) the sergants can take the tags of them to know who it was? Just a thought.
  8. we unlike the yanks dont need little pieces of metal to work out whether the bloke we just killed was a mate or not

    that's because we know who to kill and who not to kill
  9. lol of course the have dogtags !!!! given after basic training i think...
  10. lol... Good point. Sorry. :)
  11. Identity discs are a registered document and are issued to soldiers when they deploy on operations, they are not worn as routine. The exception to this are those soldiers with specific allergies against medicines, they would wear them while on duty in case of emergency.
  12. Jesus.

    Your ID disks are held by your Bn Admin office and dished out when you go on Ops.

    Not on Ops? Don't need them.

    On Ops? You have them.
  13. ah right ..
  14. But the enemy may kill them. And they may be found by members of another Sub-Unit or Unit.

    And if you have 5 people who you know very well burnt in a vehicle following an IED strike or in a helicopter that goes down, then at least the metal ID Disks will give you some clue as to a) who was in the vehicle and b) which one is which.
  15. 8O 8O 8O 8O

    Must be a WAH? FFS 8O 8O
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Not open for further replies.