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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by territoriallybarmy, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. I just joined the Ta and wondered when do we get these? Is it during induction or after that and are we allowed to wear them all the time or just on army things

    thanks a lot just wondered
  2. If you've been issued a set of mess tins I suggest you get them out and start digging.
  3. You will be issued your dog tags before going on jolly japes like exercise and mobilisation. After these have concluded, you hand them back in to the green lids.
  4. ID tags are only ever issued for and carried on operations...

    Wearing them at any other time is an instant transport to Walt World....
  5. was under the impression that wont get them unless the situation merits them - such as actually away on ops somewhere sandy or such like.

    wanting them to help pull some munter in the pub doesnt really qualify - but you could always get a set made up at some dodgy army surplus store ........ or maybe get one of those tacky Swiss ID bracelets and try to tell her they are the new way dog-tags are done.
  6. I'm told that fine provider of accoutrements to the Gentry, Elizabeth Duke, might do some replicas to impress the local bints.

    Apart from that, as mentioned above, you'll get them issued for Ops and possibly overseas Exes.

    All that aside, congratulations on joining the TA, and good luck for your future service.
  7. We were issued them for an overseas camp. I don't know why you would want them unless you were told that you had to wear them; they make an irritating clinking noise and get caught in your chest hair.

    Territoriallybarmy, may I ask what sort of induction you had in mind?
  8. I have an induction weekend over the next few weeks thats all.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Make sure you get them and wear them at all times, especially with desert kit.....

    Especially at Shrivenham in the heart of the English countryside, like the SCOTS TA Capt at TA JSC last week.

  10. Barmy - do not ask for anything that has not been issued - you will get through your basic ok.

    If the Army wants you to wear dog tags they will issue them to you. Try to understand that posers in the TA get a bad name and get the pi55 ripped from them by the Regs.

    You will be obliged to buy some kit as the army are very fukcing stingy - but keep an eye out for more senior members who have a few years under thier belts and have done a tour - use them as an example and maybe even have a chat with them - but only after you have passed CIC.
  12. "shiny dog tags gimme gimme " :D The fun wears off within a week of wearing them .

  13. indeed :roll:
  14. Barmy

    Wise words from the folk who posted above. Apart from the chest waxing. men don't wax. It hurts and makes them cry. Apparently .....

    If you have just joined the TA, let me suggest these pages are worth a look if you haven't already:

    Joining the TA

    Recommended Kit

    Kind regards

  15. For dog tags, try your local pet shop, but I'd suggest it may be better to have yourself micro-chipped. That way if you're found wandering and lost you can easily be reunited with your owner... Good luck with the rest of your TA career.