Dog tags

I know the information on the discs, but not sure which order they come in. Need to know as have lost my discs and need to get a couple made quick. Many thanks.


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Blood group
No DOB on mine either... they were issued on discharge in 1993


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Mine were stamped this millenium and have no DOB either just:
Blood Type, Number, Name, Initial, Religion.
just see your admin bod, you don't get billed for them anymore, or was that just cos it was Telic?
Just looking at two old sets of mine:

The set produced by the Army has

Blood Group

The repacement set produced by the regiment (I remember the regimental mong sitting there making up sets for all those missing from the docs prior to a docs inspection, stamping each letter and number individually):

Name & Initials
Blood Group

Oh and I have just found a 3rd set in the box, again, produced inside the battalion in the same order as above.

Remember it is not the order of the information that is important, but the information on them, especially if your body is not recovered for several decades.
OY!!! I thought you were supposed to hand your dog tags back at the end of Ops!!!!

and I thought I'd pulled a fast one by keeping mine! (No DOB to stay with the theme). But I am interested to know whether yours were all made by the same drunk, Albanian, welder that made mine!... honestly, the letters go up and down, left and right.

AND SORRY FOR THE PLUG: but ON MY SITE IM NOW SELLING SOLID SILVER 1MM THICK FULL SIZE AMERICAN STYLE TAGS WITH SILENCERS... the difference is though that you can have them as anti-jewellery - sandblasted - to look like sh1t/steel... and the idea is that you can get a St Christopher or Thor or St George or St Arnoldus engraved on them too, so that you can take them with you on Ops by adding the tag to the ones you've got. (St Arnoldus - patron saint of Brewers)
Yes the sets made up by the regimental mong look like a mad woman shat the letters over them. No two letters on any of them are actually aligned correctly.

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