Dog strangler given leniency in order to join Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by norbert, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Do we really need pricks like this serving with us.

    Dog owner who strangled pet 'because he didn't want it any more' banned from keeping animals

    A man who strangled a dog to death with its lead because his sister did not want it any more has been banned from ever owning an animal.
    Stephan Graham Bullock, 23, pleaded guilty at Basingstoke Magistrates' Court in Hampshire to strangling the dog, called Alfie Moon after the EastEnders character.

    The six-year-old German shepherd-lurcher cross was found half buried in a wooded area with a lead wrapped tightly around the neck, the court heard.
    Scene: The RSPCA rescue dog was taken to woodland and strangled. He 'whimpered for three minutes' before he went limp and died, the court heard
    Veterinary evidence and a post-mortem examination showed the dog had been asphyxiated by the lead and would have suffered considerably.

    The dog was microchipped and had been a rescue dog rehomed by the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Surrey some time before.

    The original adopter had passed Alfie on and eventually he came to be looked after by Bullock's sister.

    But she was unable to cope with the dog so she asked Bullock, who was living with her at the time, to take him.

    The court heard Bullock, from Basingstoke, walked the dog to a vet for help and he was advised to call the RSPCA.

    He then walked to a wooded area and he strangled the dog using the lead. Bullock admitted it took two or three minutes of the dog whimpering before the animal went limp and died.
    Bullock pleaded guilty on September 7 to failing to protect Alfie from pain, injury and suffering in contravention of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
    He was given a lifetime disqualification from owning or keeping all animals and a 12-month supervision order.
    He was also ordered to carry out 50 hours of unpaid community work and to pay RSPCA costs of £400.

    Bullock has been accepted into the Army and his defence asked the court not to give him a custodial sentence as he would miss his basic training.
    RSPCA inspector Jan Edwards said: 'This case is particularly distressing as the dog should have been placed back into RSPCA care under the terms of adoption, rather than being passed on to people who could not care for him.
    'In Alfie's last moments he would have suffered pain and extreme distress whilst being strangled by Bullock - a brutal and calculated act which fills me with sadness, disbelief and horror.'

    Read more: Dog owner who strangled pet 'because he didn't want it any more' banned from keeping animals | Mail Online
  2. No need for that type in the Army.
    If he can not drop a hole deep enough to bury a dog, what use will he be in the field?
    After all "Home, is where he will dig it!"
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Indeed, if he can't even kill a dog in less than 3 minutes, how is he going to cope with slotting ragheads in the ghan?
  4. Exactly. My German Shepherd Doggy (the one before the Ginger) would have took me out before letting someone else do bad things to him. He used to take proper lumps out of the ex-Mr Dale.

    He's hopefully still doing patrolling things in Gutersloh, with his dodgy eye. I had to give him to the Army dog section. He liked barking, biting and running.

    The dog I mean. That other cunt is under the patio.
  5. Given that we have many quality young people applying to join the army, especially in the current economic climate, hopefully someone with sufficient clout will kick this guy into touch and give his place to another. Though no doubt they will wait until there is outcry before acting or re-acting. What is sickening is that he could have just dropped the animal off at the RSPCA or left it at the vets....I somehow rather suspect he got off on slowly killing this animal.
  6. Great to see two new members joining to tell us this tale. I imagine it might be good to be a journalist. Anyway the cunt wants choking and I volunteer Dale as my backs bad.
  7. His nickname will probably be Rin Tin Tin.

    Will he be known as the Dog's Bullocks perhaps?

    Stumpy would have nailed him...

    Hear, hear!!!

    He could have whacked the mutt on the bonce first with the Homebase shovel he "half used", before he dug the shellscrape...
  8. Take two Tylex and see me in the morning. That patio is not going to dig itself, and I need you fighting fit to get them two in there.
  9. I'm putting slabs down where the chicken coop is going - bring them with you...
  10. I wish I had some tylex but i'll have to make do with some paracetamol and choking the dog to cheer me up. Oh and a nosh would be nice. I'll help with the patio or at least supervise.
  11. I think they let you patrol with rifles these days. Dog leads went out with the ark.
  12. You had your chance big boy...

    Oh and PD, when I wield a dog lead, I do it for real. I can cause some serious bruises with the lead the little ginger has.
  13. Quite how some people on here think that their posts are of interest to a journalist is laughable? You're not important or interesting enough plus the hacks would just make it up in any case. Some of us have always just viewed as guests but this story got myself annoyed enough to actually join up and post a comment.
  14. I wonder why the advert below is for male rape resolution?
  15. Really?

    In that case, I am a 6 foot ten black fireman and am in the TA and pitchfork little African babies when not eating them live. I have a big mad scary dog and 4 cats. I also do the Coast to Coast in my lunchtime (when not being a lifeboatman at St Bees) and have fish on a Friday. I don't smoke, drink or swear and go to church on Sundays. Sometimes as a treat, I eat little scottish babies, but they taste funny, so I spit them out after chewing and give them to my crazy mad dog.

    I am apparently getting married.

    It's the internet, you turd.