Dog Soldiers

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. One of my favourite films an excellent black horror. For those unfamiliar with the premise it features a section of six British Army soldiers on exercises in the Scottish wilderness when they come up against werewolves that have been ravaging the odd hiker. It has Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd & Liam Cunningham and is directed by The Descent helmer Neil Marshall. The trailer and indeed the beginning of the film works as a TA/Army training video. It blends a sort of grounded realism with the squaddie banter and dialogue but then kicks into overdrive once the shit hits the fan. The first 'battle' between the soldiers and werewolves in the woods is fantastic. Everything from the slighty grainy look to the soldiers verbal commands and tactics, the sound of the growls and gunfire. Absolutely superb. It's clearly no 'Master & Commander' (an 'epic' apparently) but very well made British film.

    Any thoughts?

    Dog Soldiers

    Dog Soldiers (2)
  2. Its on par with Shaun of the dead for light hearted humour.......
  3. I wasn't fussed on Shaun of the Dead (but loved Hot Fuzz) but yes I essentially agree. As I said it's no masterpiece and is only a black horror but an excellent one nonetheless.

    Was the 'squaddie' element (besides whistling when 'behind enemy lines') realistically portrayed? In terms of banter, dialogue and use of 'military' speak?
  4. To an extent... better than some big budget films!!
  5. I often sit around a camp fire under those circumstances!
  6. There is plans for a dog soldiers 2, starring the yanks!, seems they're doing a 28 days later - 28 weeks later job on it, i.e- ruining it!.
  7. We watched Dog Soldier in Iraq..the Yanks with us just didnt understand it. Asking why we were pi33ing ourselves when the wolves were ripping them to pieces! and "Are they really Tommies?"

    The typical squaddie banter was as good "as a civi acting a squaddie "gets
    You just cant beat a good British Film.

    Any one seen " Dead mans shoes" Ex Para comes back home to seek revenge on the dope heads that killed his brother.

    Typical of the Yanks to ruin good films...Recent "Get Carter " springs to mind with Stallone!
  8. Dog Soldiers is a very good film, but sadly lacking in realism.........
    I mean, werewolves FFS!
  9. "Dead mans shoes" is an outstanding film. I watched it twice in a row I enjoyed it that much.
  10. the best line in the film is

    " What you looking at?" drug dealer in the pub

    " YOU.....YAH CNUT!" ex-Para!

    fooking brilliant!
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  11. "its beyond words mate.
    If I were you, I'd get back in your car and fuck off!"
  12. Sat and watched Dog Soldiers in hospital with an Aussie, both of us in stitches, literally !!!! Proper squaddie humour, especially when the Boro lad 'Spoon' says as he's about to get eaten ' I hope I give you the fuckin shits!!!' typical squaddie humour, typical boro lad too! oh and when the lad throws up with fear and says he could murder a kebab :lol: brilliant!!!

    Dead Mans shoes, bit of a messed up film, but I was gripped by it none the less, other half brought it home, was expecting the worst but my god it was er ... Harsh but interesting.
  13. IIRC the SA80A2 came into service in 2002. Dog Soldiers came out in 2002 so they may have have had them. We know the A2 is much better than it predecessors in terms of accuracy and reliability. However given the history of the weapon was it an in joke that they 'excitedly' dropped their SA80s for MP5s? I know the 80s they possessed were only firing blanks but only having weapons which fire 9mm 'pistol' rounds against rampaging beasts, no wonder they didn't die!

    The only other weapons they had were a 12 gauge shotgun and a defective G3. If you notice in the film, I think two soldiers handle it (Terry & Spoon IIRC) and they only manage strained single shots. Also when Terry fires the weapon it seems slightly awkward. In the commentary director Neil Marshall states they had some headaches with the G3 because it wouldn't work properly. Should've given them some G36s or Steyr Augs :wink:

    Btw I'm not looking too much into the film, I know it's only a light black horror before anyone decides to take a go. Just raising some points of interest.
  14. fantastic film. i actually felt a little sad when i heard the yanks were gonna have a pop at it. as for squaddie realism, etc. i don't think it was ever intended to be overly realistic, ie. werewolves, 6-man squad, 'sarge'..... i could go on. but watching the film, who cares? the humour and horror mix faultlessly and i'd happily vote it one of the best films portraying the attitude of the british army these days. insofar as theres someone getting shafted, but they still just get on with it.
  15. Of interest to who?, LOL!!!!