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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by NEO_CON, Jul 15, 2006.

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    I saw this movie last night . It was a bit odd but good. I thought it gave a great portrayal of the British soldier.

  2. As long as you take it as a tounge in cheek movie then its funny and a clumsy sterio type! If you want to see the "real life" stuff, its awful, but you can't help it but laugh!

  3. I liked the movie . What surprised me was the direction it took. I had no Idea it was a werewolf movie. I also thought it gave a good though obsessively fictitious portrayal of the British Soldier. It was a good little movie with Good dialog.

    I did not see stereotypes but that may have been over my head.

    Hitchcock's Psycho started out complete different that it ended up which is always adds a nice twist to a movie.
  4. I thought the rupert was quite acurate; we all know a few like that. Although, I also think the humour was quite close, too.
  5. There is a thread A true army film that is asking a interesting question about good current movies.

    Most of the films I see of British soldier are WWII movies. This movie, while obviously fiction, was one of the few that places British soldiers in a modern setting.
  6. Supposed to be making a second one with....surprise surprise a load of spam Sf types who were also on the FTX
  7. Well i think it gave a better portrayal of the modern british soldier considering most of the world think us to all sip tea in our manor houses and say thinks like "well ding-dong" and "Tally-ho old boy!"

    Very funny to, british humour and spirit aswell.
  8. I like the headline on the paper at th'end: A tiny little box article that says 'Werewolves Ate My Unit' (hehe), and then a big f*ck off headline that says England 5 - Germany 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the good old days!!
  9. I thought that all of the soldiers were pretty much on the mark. From the young switched on thruster (Cpl?) just rtu'd from the SF unit (that later gets eaten), the whinger (large lad, moaning about missing the footy (also forgets watch like a kit bag)), the solid sergeant (as in good bloke in a storm as aopposed to thick).

    The humour was British Squadie through and through, as were some of the put downs. "I am going to give you the sh1ts" was one quote I think just before the werewolf eat him.

    Fire fight scenes in the forest seemed quite good too.
  10. any news on the DS 2 film?
    release date? is it still going ahead?

    plot? - I had reads somewhere that the story takes up from the end of the first film with Cooper bumping into a Unit of septics & then probably end up eaten/torn limb from limb/get infected & become warewolfs (delete as needed) while Cooper tries to make an escape. :)

    I can just see the warewolfs rumages in the septics MRE's for some tabasco to put on the said septics b4 eating them!
    now that would be funny, come to think of it! :D

  11. that was Cooper. he was Pte.
    if you look closely at the first film, there is a British Soldier with Cpl's strips on the chest of his '95 smock, thou I cant recall his name. he also does not seem to have as big a part as cooper, or be as much a leader as him.

    great quote from the first film

    cooper to one of the lads who's just spewed- 'you alright mate?'
    the other guy- ' I've got a terrible craving for a kebab'
    Cooper- 'I'll take that as a yes then!'
  12. I enjoyed it. I know as a septic I'm a bit biased on this, but I think it could add an interesting dynamic to it, if they have both British and American characters.
  13. Some of us still do, old chap.