Dog Soldiers 2 - Being filmed now - release 2007

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by stoatman, May 3, 2005.

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  1. I watched this a few nights ago - they generally seemed to have the banter about right, but there were a few annoyingly dodgy things:

    The black SF unit - WTF?
    Constantly referring to a section as a squad
    "Return him to his squad" instead of RTU
    On ex, supposedly covert but lighting fires, talking & smoking
    Some of the wpn sounds were decidedly wonky
    Whistling whist patrolling

    Any more? I can't think of any off-hand.

    But, the real question is, if you've been put in as werewolf bait, what would you do? And would you have boffed the bird before she turned? :twisted:
  2. You mean that you don't already know the answer to that?
  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Add to that wearing their beltkits like chest rigs and holding their SA80s left handed. Quite good banter though. All in all a B for effort.
  4. In the SF camp, they had two 'blacks'. A black is 2ft high container, used for storing 105mm charges for the non-gunners. What the hell did they have them for? Was the rest of the SF section going to tab in with the 105 on their backs????!!

    Bloke turned up without a watch.

    Helidrop from an augusta 109 (I think it was, someone confirm).

    Section of 6.

    Method of withdrawl was interesting. Leave one man behind, then give him covering fire from 200m away in dense cover. More likely to be killed by the 'covering' fire than anything else.

    SF normally use nato 5.56 (again someone confirm) not 9mm for outdoorsy stuff

    but the squaddie humour was spotty dog. plus a fun film.
  5. cracking film, if you can laugh at the technical mistakes

    the helicopter bits great aswell

    some civvy heli with army written on the side flies in, they all jump out, run about 10 meters, get in to fire positions behind their bergens, then just mong their tw ats off. good drills

    oh, and it's lucky they all know how to use mp5s, think its a g3, and some kind of shotgun
  6. Is there going to be a sequel?

    And the weapons sounds were dodgy because.....

    Well have you ever seen AliensII directors cut? :D
  7. Thought it was a bloody great film. I know there was some things that were off but you can't expect them to get everything bang on with the budget they had. They obviously had some very good squaddie advisors or a squaddie writer.

    "I hope you get the shits you f*cking wimp" - Best line in the film.
  8. BigJobs: Standard 'outdoorsy' wpn for SF is the Demarco M119A1 (confusingly also the US designation for the Howitzer arty piece), try finding that on the 'net. I've never used a Demarco C8 but it looks pretty similar.
    The M119A1 is, like most other Demarco weapons, an armalite variant, combining the best bits from a number of different weapons. As far as I can remember it's based on the M14, parts of the aforementioned C8 and a number of other weapons.
    Fires standard NATO 5.56 by way of an M16 mag and can take all sorts of fancy kit (grenade launchers such as the Demarco version of the M203 for instance). Also can be fired left and right handed and has a rather Gucci extendable butt. It's pretty light as well.
    So yes, 556 and upwards in the field for SF. 9mm+ trees + fast moving targets= impending death by werewolf for firer.

    Not so sure about the SF 'black kit' though. Was there an embassy nearby? Maybe a hijacked aircraft. I'm surprised they didn't have ladders and ropes. Now that would have realllly helped the SF captain when he turned in to werewolf!

    Still a good film for what it is. Mostly filmed in Luxemourg of all places.
  9. I just liked that fact that they called a character Spoon, purely so that someone could later on say: "There is no spoon"

  10. thanks ytomk. I am already familiar with the Demarco, after having had the pleasure of using one for 3 days on an exercise. Found it a little front heavy actually, but apart from that. What I wasn't sure about, was exactly who the SF were supposed to be.

    Apart from the 1st 30mins or so, being a little inaccurate, it's a cracking film.

    My favourite moment, nailing a plank to the door when a hand comes in, so he hammers that instead.
  11. What are you on about? There's nothing M14 derived in the Diemaco at all - it's the Canadian version of the M16, with a few minor improvements, as used by the Danes, Dutch & many others. The C7 doesn't have an extendable butt - it looks externally just like an M16 but usually with an optic instead of the carry handle.

    And yes, it is light and well-balanced, and very controllable on full-auto.
  12. Not sure of a "Standard outdoorsy" long, not all the M16A2s have been moved on yet, but I imagine the item you're on about is the Diemaco SFW, the Canadian version of the M4 with a couple of go-faster bits added, e.g. picatinny railed handguards and full-auto instead of a three round burst facility.

    Where the M119 comes in I don't know, but next time I'm being attacked by werewolves I'll try to pull a Light Gun out of my handbag. :roll:
  13. "What we need is a decoy , something fast and loud" :D
  14. "Move your fcuking arrse soldier!!"

    "I love it when a posh bird talks dirty"

    Full of brilliant little lines and some good visual stuff. Has anyone seen the short film on DVD extras "Combat". Quite liked that, clever stuff.