dog shoots man

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Dog Shoots Man On Hunting Trip In Iowa
    Updated: 12:05, Tuesday October 30, 2007

    A man has been shot by his dog while on a hunting trip in the United States.
    James Harris, 37, was shot in the leg after one of his hunting dogs stepped on his gun.

    Shotgun had been placed on the groundHe had put the shotgun on the ground in order to retrieve a pheasant that had just been shot.

    Up to 120 birdshot pellets hit him in the left calf at short range, according to authorities in Iowa.

    A local official said the injury was not life-threatening, but would "give him trouble for a long time".

    Alan Foster, a spokesman for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, said it was not uncommon for hunters to be shot by their dogs.

    He said: "I hear about it a couple times a year.

    "They'll step on the trigger assembly and, if the gun for whatever reason wasn't on safety, it doesn't take a whole lot to trip a trigger."

    Mr Harris was treated at Grinnell Regional Medical Centre and later transported by helicopter to University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City, following the accident in Poweshiek County.

    An investigation into the accident is under way.

    Sorry Ugly but it tickled me :D
  2. Bet the bugger ain't labelled as man's best friend anymore.
  3. I bet it had just been waiting it's chance ever since he had it neutered.
  4. When i saw the title "Dog shoots man" i though my ex wife has been at it again :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    good on the dog, probably pay back for having its bits cut off, go dog :wink:

  5. Good Boy! :twisted:
  6. Has Gordon Brown got a dog? is it armed?
  7. Was it a police dog? and its owner was minding his own business, humming Brazilian pop songs on the underground. If so, it may get off being charged.
  8. Well it was a "Gun Dog". (Groan).
  9. Just a point here.

    From the statement "The "Shotgun" had been placed on the ground. He had put the shotgun on the ground in order to retrieve a pheasant that had just been shot.

    No wonder the dog shot him, he was taking the dogs job off him!
  10. :lol: it must have been a organized shooting.

    Edit to say that doesn't really make sense, but its done now.
  11. Rumor (or rumour) on my side of the pond is that the dog was formerly owned by VP Cheney.
  12. I still don't know how anyone would put a loaded gun on the ground without the safety on, thats just bad drills.
  13. I remember a SSgt in the SASC doing a duty in N.I. he was handing over duties showed his pistol clear in the guardroom (which was bad enough) put the magazine back on, released working parts pointed the pistol to the floor (yes you know what happened) but his dog was in the way so he shot his dog (luckly it survived)