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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, May 2, 2005.

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  1. I just don't get it......

    Why do people post piccies of thier hounds in the Gallery

    Not having a dig just looking for a reason...... I have a dog but the last thing I think of doing is taking a piccy of it and chucking it in the gallery for a cynical bunch of sarcastic bast@rds and a cross section of dull cnuts to have a dig at and pass comment.

    Eves Dog in particular makes me want to saw of its snout and set about it with power tools..... its a scabby fcuking bin scavinger...kill it.

    I could understand picures of Dogs doing something clever like stripping an LMG or fingering Cheryl Tweeds arse....

    I got slightly excited thinking Laird was teasing us and the next piccy would show the dogs dead having been beaten to with that big placcy schlong, but alas nope....... Just a couple of mongrols on a 1970's piss stained carpet....

    This is my next door neighbours cat before I added bleach and a portable blender

    These are the dogs I have gathered up from my neighbourhood...

    This bank holiday will be spent electrocuting monkies
    and hanging German sheperd dogs
  2. Hey, MDN, I've found a picture of you as a child:


    And is that poo smeared on your face?
  3. Quality!!!
  4. A first skiffing attempt that went horribly wrong? :?
  5. Now Biscuits AB knows why I could never be his pal :D :D
  6. I was going to put in a witty picture of a dog licking it's own plums, but I just could not bring myself to click on any of my search results... 8O
  7. Lucky dogs............. I'd give anything to be aboe to give my own rod a good chewing :D

    Also picturing the trouts face if I shat in the garden would be worth capturign on film
  8. One of the sites was a sort of Bestiality Primer; it listed all the relevant techniques for giving and receiving with virtually every mammal in captivity.
  9. You tease.....

    Any piccies of sawn in half dogs?
  10. Here is a little er, "taster", of the wisdom to be found within

    She's not wrong.... 8O 8O 8O
  11. Got to love the dedication and demeanor of the docs and vets when this whacko asked the the hell they didn't fall over laughing or call for the boys with the butterfly nets and long sleeved, belt at the back coats, I don't know..

    Idjit: so, Can I get sick or something sucking on a dog?
    Doctor: Well, actually, studies show..and... three our of five physicians believe and...perhaps you should see a specialist.. I can recommend a wonderful medical man at the Berry Farm ...[ then he runs off to the ' doctors' lounge for a few cold ones and a tall tale for his mates ]...
  12. I was just thinking the same thing. How exactly would you broach the subject to "several doctors and Veterinarians?:)
  13. Cuts has just confessed to me that after bathing his dog on Saturday he gave the animal a blow job. 8O
  14. Well, my ex-Skipper used to wa*nk off his Cappucin monkey as a party trick, and I guess you have to give those living on the lonely, windswept coasts of North West Denmark a bit of latitude in these things.....:cool:
  15. That shouldn't come as a massive shock..........Afterall the sicko boned Dale :D