Dog in Barracks

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by em_sale, Apr 27, 2011.

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  1. Apologies if this thread is posted in the incorrect forum. Also the question is slightly generic considering the many regiment/corps differing rules.

    However, does anybody know if it is possible as an officer, to keep your dog with you in barracks?

    Kind Rgds
  2. A good friend of mine is a Captain, in the Guards. He keeps his dog in the mess. Though I don't know if he had to ask permission 1st?
  3. There a couple of female RLC Troopies living in the mess with very nice puppies.
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  4. According to my late donkey walloping uncle Sid, back in the days of the RAJ when he was busy bayonetting Pathans up the Khyber, soldiers were entitled to keep a dog and a horse.
  5. I know of a SNCO who after being told he could not have his dog in the sgt's mess promptly moved into one of the blocks and took up residence in a single room.

    The dog was a pup and was doing as pups do Piss and crap all over the place in between chewing the furniture.
  6. Depends on your Regt and CO/PMC.
  7. Did they smuggle them in?
  8. yes you can, however, there is a procedure before this is allowed:
    It has to have had its injections etc, if anyone objects then you can't, forms to be filled out, child-gate on your office and other safety related stuff.
    Your RSM should be able to enlighten you.
    Oh, and clean up its poo
  9. No it was peanuts and tic tacs that were smuggled, except in the case of a friend of mine (who joined the R Signals) who used to smuggle Chieftain wheelnuts, even when wearing a thick wetsuit :wink:
  10. Depends on the mess and the CO & PMC's attitude to dogs in general. If your mess is contractorised it may well be a no-no. If your mess is dog-friendly the mutt will still have to be well behaved and you will need to have an answer to the question 'who will look after it when you are away fro the day / on exercise / deployed'. Best course of action might be to join the mess, see how the ground lies and then ask for permission once you're happy you have a workable plan.

    Don't expect everyone to like your dog, by the way. If your fellow officers or soldiers think its a pain in the arrse, all sorts of horrible things can end up happening to it.
  11. I know a bloke who had a dog.could not get permission to keep it in the block.he just married the **** instead,and,they gave the **** a pads quarter.
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  12. Whilst we're on the subject, is there a regulation for bringing dogs into work or is it just officers allowed to do so?
  13. I know of a Pte that brings her mutt into RHQ, and a full screw that keeps her's in the block.
  14. . . . . . in the Mess ?!!
  15. Contractors' do not decide who or what occupies a military mess.