dog handling?

hi im thinking about joining the RAVC, and was just wondering is it as tough to get into as they say? and is it tougher if your a girl?
sselc said:
i meant what % of women. and i own two big german sheperds
Oh I see. I've no idea what percentage of dog handlers are female. I have seen some though.

One of the female dog handlers at HQ Land is ex R Sigs, and now MPGS I think? She is quite small, and takes the dogs out. I suppose if you have the dog under control size isn't an issue?
Ive done the basic dog handlers course (not the RAVC version), its fun to for a while but it gets a bit boring as the months drag on. Bonuses include everyone from the CO downwards giving you a wide berth when they see you walking a crocodile with fur around. You do need to be strong enough to handle large dogs but thats only at the start after that they should obey your commands, unless they see a rabbit running around Lipa in which case prepare to spend half the night chasing the fleabags around.
snapper said:
wolverine9314 said:
Have you looked at RAf Police dog handling?

Amazing, how do they teach the dog to work the gate barrier?
They don't.

@ OP - Doesn't matter if you're green or blue these days, I've been working tri service for the last 3 years (2 years of which with RAF Dog handlers...)

Just a thought for you pal.
Stay on topic please, give me and forastero a break will you!

Leave the de-boning of threads to us, no need to get medieval on them!
every part of trainign in the army is tough but if you really want it then stick to it and it will come eventually. once you get the job after finishing all training you wil absolutely love it. my dad took this exact career and im currently in the procces of dong the same.

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