Dog Handlers

Is that how you spell 'handlers'? Anyways, I did my BARB test today and did alright. My first preferred choice of career is Infantry Soldier, however the staff at the local ACO have been telling me how I should consider something which would stretch my imagination a bit more (without being disrespectful to the Infantry - there words, not mine). I've always loved dogs, grown up with them and owned them since I was a wee 'un, so was wondering if someone could give me a bit more lowdown on this role than that provided by the Army Careers website or the Army Careers Specialist handbook they've sent out to me.

Cheers chaps.
In the army mate, Dog Handlers are usually the guys the sections want shut of, the biffs! It's a bone duty with little or no support working long hours on your tod. The only advancement you can make is to arms & explosives or vehicle search dogs.

If you need any specifics on the courses, PM me.
aes is right mate, some of the RMP dog section were pretty lone types if you get my meaning.

You do right in listening to the bloke in the office as well, i wish i had because the Major told my straight that if i didnt get out after 3 years i would transfer to another corps as my first choice was the RCT which was good but you can only PRE a truck so many times so i left after a bout 2 years as a Trog.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do anyway mate :D

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