Dog Handlers, help required


Now not knowing where the old RAVC sits under the current system I thought I'd post this here.
I'm looking for a tracking harness for a search dog. I could buy ones of the internet but as I seem to recall all of them are expensive and too big. I'm looking for the one we used to see the search dogs in Ulster use and I would like one on loan or I'll buy (condition isnt vital) so I can create a pattern for my harness maker.
There isnt a modern one for sale that comes close to being as good as the issue tissue in my opinion and I need to be able to make it for small spaniels.
Most commercial harnessess are for HPR types and I want to market one for smaller breeds and I'm sure the issue one is a great starting point!
Get a dog safety harness for use in a car, most petshops sell them and use a long nylon rope lead or a horse lead rein, my mate uses them for Husky racing


Sorry Tropper but thats a shit solution, I want an army issue harness as the civvy ones are crap even the really well designed and made ones arent a patch on the issue tissue!
Hi Ugly

I may well have an old AES harness at home, failing that I 'm sure I've got a civie issue one to the same pattern and of good quality I used on my drugs dog which was a small springer. I'm off at two and will have a look when I get home. If I can hunt one down I'll drop you a PM.


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