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My Son is 15 and expressed an interest to join the Army late last year., We went to the Army Careers office in our local town. I could not fault the recruitment officer. He encouraged my son to try and get his GCSE's and have a think about what career he wanted to do. Originally he want to be a medic. Fast forward to a month ago and he said he wanted to be a dog handler.

We have never owned any pets so I suggested he try and do some work at a animal rescue (RSPCA) shelter to get some experience. Unfortunately they are closed due to COVID-19 which may limit his time to get the experience. I have the impression he thinks he can just walk into that role. Trying to be practical I mentioned that there 384 (approx) dogs in the Army so there is going to be competition for the posts. . Also with technology advances e.g. Boston Dynamics robot dogs, £800m announced for Technology projects ( UK version of DARPA) will almost certainly have an effect in the next 10 years or so on numbers. Drones can be replaced very quickly, dogs can't

I am more than happy to support him and at the same time tried to be practical.

Any insights or thoughts on how he can work towards this would be much appreciated.


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Go to Amazon and search 'Stumpy and the Auld Sapper' . It will tell him all he needs to know about being in the Army and being a dog handler.

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