Dog Handler Serious answers please much appreciated

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i have submitted my application, it is on the system and in the medical forms process, but recently i have had a change of career choice from RMP to Dog Handler.

i have called up the AFCO and they told me if i had some experience in animal care and i said no at the time, but i managed to arrange a meeting with a dog breeding company to do some voluntary work, and was wondering is this a good head start compared to if i had no initial experience with animal care?

was wondering has anyone else recently applied for Dog handler and in the application process?
and if possible what score would you need to get on the BARB test and what grade would you need to get at selection to have a decent chance?

many thanks,
Send them a video of you wanking off a springer spaniel*. That's what you'll be doing at the dog breeders anyway.

If the dog looks like he's enjoying it, you're in with a chance.

*And post the vid in the NAAFI bar too.
You have already had this locked once, yesterday!

You are better asking your AFCO these questions, ADSC is the easy part of this job choice, the specific selection is where you need to impress and you will need good examples of working with animals to stand a chance.
so a bit of voluntary work at a puppy farm and your made up?
you really should speak more to your ACIO than arrse?
either that or your social worker who will point you in the right direction!
Hazza, there is a wealth of info in these forums on dog handling. Do not keep creating new threads.

Mothman infracted for trolling.
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