Dog handler selection on the 5th info but no pork pie info

im going for selection on the 5th and 6th of january at melton mowbray and would like to no more about what i face up there. Im going in as a dog handler and have lots of expirence as a trainer. ivhelp teach puppy and dog training groups and taken of a 2 rescues myself trained them up and found them new homes as well as helping lots of people the there problem dogs. will this be enough . iv heard theres a 2% pass rate.
Great pork pies and Stilton Cheese, Check out Harvey's and Y OLDE CHEESE SHOPE
Goining in as a dog Handler or a dog trainer? If your going to melton I would assume you are joining the RAVC? The dog handler course is a simple two week course where you walk around a field with a rope in your hand. . .

Expect to be shoved into a kennel with a huge GSD called 'Shadow' or 'Redrum' and it's 42 snapping teeth. If you require a clean pair of panties you have failed! Come out clean, you'll have to move onto the next initiation - Melton's finest nightclub 'tube's', or affectionatly known as Fallopians!

Good luck! Only 2% dont soil!
nothing new there. done that a few times and got the scars to prove it lol . iv worked with gsd, english bulls and rottys all with behaver problems. getting chewed on aint new to me.
any one else. My date is the 5th. What's the best way to co e across in my interview. I know a lot about dog training but I don't want to come across cocky.
Let on that you have the knowledge, but keep most of it locked up so you can stay ontop of the game and surprise them with your "it seems to come natural" ability ;)
Hi, firstly don't worry or listen to rumour.
Do some simple things like getting some background knowledge on Service Dogs from the Army websites. There are a lot of different jobs from guarding to searching.
Also research about being a soldier, because they will want you to be both a soldier as well as a handler.
Be prepared to discuss how you would handle working with different military units, probably on an operational tour, probably under pressure to complete tasks that might make you and your animal tired, maybe without another senior handler in the local area.
If you are a bit unfit then use the time you have to do some running and exercise so that you are able to handle any physical tests.
Be on time.
Be honest, don't boast, if in doubt about something then say so and ask for more information.
Relax and give it your best shot.

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