Dog handler selection & interveiw

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by down_wind, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. ive got my dog handler selection & interview this week, any advice...i was infantry for 7yrs but ive been out for a few yrs now as well so not entirely sure what i/they expect
  2. When you say youve been out, what are you in now ? Expect the usual - why do you wanna be a dog handler, what can you offer, why should we take you on etc ?? I was infantry too, and did 3 years with the ADU NI, everyone has too start off as a basic guard dog handler then if lucky, move onto working with specialist dogs, it also depends if you want to work with sniffers !! More fun with spec dogs than some hairy snarling beast lol, gd luck. :D
  3. Ps - have a nebb at this site: it might give you an idea of what yer getting yerself into, I have a few tales to read under the dogtales link under 'soapy souter' lol. The 12 metre command wire isnt a wah !!
  4. civvy now mate...always had an interest in the job since my first tour of NI...yeah thats kinda what i thought to expect TBH, but i know these jobs are like rocking horse shit so just looking to if anyone can pass on any pearls
  5. Who's yer interview with ?? The only way to join up (as far as i know) and be a dog handler is if you join the RAVC and even then you wont be a handler for donkeys - especially a spec handler.
  6. Ps - have a nebb at this site: it might give you an idea of what yer getting yerself into, I have a few tales to read under the dogtales link under 'soapy souter' lol. The 12 metre command wire isnt a wah !!
    "If you dont ask, you dont get" !

    Canny site this mate Ill read more in depth later..cheers......12m Command Wire **** me he wahhed himself on that one lol
  7. yeah RAVC mate...Dunno who the interveiw is with, isnt specified in my brief,i know it will take a while to get up to AES and the like but i love the working dog aspect of life so im prepared to just get stuck in whatever
  8. Well good luck anyway. It wont just be dogs u have to train with, u will have to do a stint with equine (spelling !) aka horses lol. Hope you have a strong stomach cus loadsa dog sh*t awaits you hehehehee !! :twisted:
  9. HeHe yeah id worked that one out....hence "Down_Wind" :wink:

    Didnt know about a stint with horses may know better than me but im not sure if that still applies

    Just out of curiosty though where do they put all the dog shit...and dont say haverbags :x
  10. Ref the dog sh*t - you have to manually remove said excretement with a shovel and plop it into a silver bucket that is already got some water in it. When that bucket starts to fill up you then have to dispose of the contents into a large skip. Warning - do not tell anyone its yer birthday cus the old ritual used to be the birthday person would usually end up in the afore mentioned skip !! lol. I ran like fook when mail was dished out on my spec course cus all these brightly coloured envelopes arrived !! Ref horses - I dont think times have changed, you are joining the Veterinary corp, the army works with dogs and horses !! lol
  11. Ill bear that in mind if i get it mate i know they have dogs and horses,but just not sure if the dog handlers to be, do work on the horsey side as well like i said you probably know better than me its just from what ive been picking up here and there,all good anyway
  12. hey guys can anyone give me some info on the dog handling selection and interview cause i really only want to do the dog handling/trainer job and nothing else.....ive got my specialist interveiw either october or febuary but want info 2 prepare now lol
  13. I have my D/H selection in October, i cant wait! Have you heard any more news yet?
  14. no my ACA told me i could do my interveiw in february but not get a start date for 3 - 5 years coz of the number they want so he offered me a start date this september and said transfer after 2 1/2 years :/ gutted by that really :/
  15. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe ask him to give you that statement in writing as a load of crap. Did you also sign the job offer letter stating you cannot change jobs once in?????