Dog handler in the TA?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by LilMin, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Hey All,

    Just a quickie, I was reading in the medical issue of Army Life (little booklet usually provided by AC places or Job Centres) it must have been from late last year (around Autumn time) and it had in there that Dog Handlers can be in the TA, I wanted to know how true this is? As yes I understand it's only Tuesday evenings, weekends and certain week taining, however I was thinking maybe you go to one of the dog training bases like Aldershot?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. You normally just feed the dog up with extra food on a Tuesday night so it isn't too hungry at the weekend. :)

    Used to be able volunteer for a tour or FTRS as a Dog Botherer, not too sure if that is available any more.
  3. Hey Sunami,

    Would the 104 Logistic be the only way to go? I did want to go in as a Vet Techy/Dog Handler to the regs and have found it difficult to find a TA unit that doesn't require the Vet degree (I still am keen on joining the regs but due to a family crisis I can't at the moment)

    & CC TA...I knew there was a secret to keeping them alive ha! And from what I found on google about dog botherer...well I am certainly not that kind of chick.... (please feel free to tell me if it actually isn't anything dirty..well which point I will be left red faced)
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  4. Actually 101 MWD are part of the Army Medical Services.....................................................

    The 1st Military Working Dog Regiment’s primary operational role is to support the lead Brigade in Afghanistan with the provision of protection and specialist Military Working Dogs (MWD) and veterinary support to the command.

    The Regiment plays a key role in counter insurgency and improvised explosive device (IED) detection; searching and helping to clear routes, buildings and vehicles in Afghanistan and helping to guard and patrol key installations to assist and enhance security.

    It also provides a range of other capabilities wherever its skill force is needed in the Rest of the World.

    Regimental motto: Vires in Varietate - Strength in Diversity

    Five Squadrons of the Regiment

    Five Military Working Dog Squadrons form the Regiment, which comprises 284 soldiers and officers and about 200 dogs.

    101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 MWD Support Units have supported world-wide operations from their respective bases in Aldershot (101), North Luffenham (104) and Sennelager, Germany (102, 103 and 105).

    The dogs and their handlers have a uniquely close relationship both in barracks and when deployed on operations.

    Veterinary officers maintain the health of the MWD fleet and offer support both to deployed troops and to families at the home base. The Regimental Headquarters are at Chiron Barracks in Sennelager.
  5. AFAIK the RAVC are the only ones that do the dog handling now and TA units will be thin on the ground given the nature of the trade. Call the number on this page & get it from the 'horses mouth' as it were. :)

    Role Finder - British Army Website
  6. I'll have a chat with me mucker, a Reservist Aeromed burd who is looking at going Pet Corps, I'll see if she can get some up-to-date info from the hound's gob.

    Good luck!
  7. cheers all I will continue to keep looking back here, and researching myself, I contacted some TA units and am visiting the RAVC at the local barracks soon, they will hopefully give me a good direction to go in :)
  8. HHH

    HHH LE

    Someone has to say it

    LilMin if your successful, can you post some photos of yourself with the Puppies out ??
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  9. HHH, awhhh and there was me thinking no one would ever ask! ha!
  10. You have to be a dyke to work with dogs in the Army. The fitter straighter ones are all RAFP.
  11. How do dogs in the TA work? Are they someone's pet during the week and come in on weekends and Tuesdays to search for explosives or bark at hippies trying to climb over the fences?
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  12. Dogs don't work in the TA- little miss Dyke Tits is barking up the wrong tree.
  13. hahaha little miss dyke tits? thats quite funny. however feel free to come and insult me to my face. of which I will assure you A. I am no dyke, I have a bloke and B. if you find that all you can do is insult someone asking for help over the internet..well lets say little man syndrome seems to be a problem for you right ooooh matron?

    And Bravo, that's why I came here as I saw it in the army life booklet. I was curious.
  14. I know Jack about Dog Handlers but I'm a fcuking authority on 'Dogging'

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    Bretton Hall, for Posh Sluts.

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    Throw all caution to the wind, just reach in and grab a handfull!!!!